The Beige Badger, scourge of the left

Scott Yorke blogs about the mysterious ‘Beige Badger’, a blogger and commenter who lurks around blogs. The Standard have banned this strange beast, lPrent set a deliberate bait and switch to get him focussed on Martyn’s new project since his real estate efforts faltered…should we be worried about the Beige Badger?

By night he is a harmless and mild-mannered man, but by day he takes on a new persona.

A hero to many, Pete George patrols the nation’s blogsites, stifling any hint of strongly held opinion by laying down a solid suppressing fire of derailing comments.

His tireless efforts in front of his computer have earned George the sobriquet The Beige Badger, as well as the gratitude of dozens of grey-haired, cardigan-wearing blog readers.

To many people Pete George is a genuine superhero, keeping New Zealand’s blogsites focused on nothing much in particular. 

But George plays down any suggestion that he is a hero.

“I’m just trying to stick up for the ordinary grey man,” he said.

“There’s too much noise out there on the internet, and people need to take a deep breath, calm down, and do nothing.

“I’m just out there doing what any man approaching old age and living a life of complacent and unexamined comfort would be doing, had he endless hours to while away reading blogsites.”

George is famous for his ability to snuff out leftist conspiracies.


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  • Pete George

    Whale, are you aware you are deeply implicated in this?

    Prentice has his own conspiracy running, he’s been pushing beigeshit regularly, for example when he had a whinge at Public Address looking for sympathy from Russell he said his big Daily Blog debut blockcluster fuck was because he “found Pete George acting as a parrot for Whaleoil”.

    Whale Oil the Beige Master?

    Scott has just sucked you in to the leftie masterplan.

    • They have a plan?

      • Pete George

        Yep. Attack the messenger. Scott’s a bit sensitive to criticism, and with lprent it doesn’t take much red rag to enrage a bullshit artist.

        • I always found that ignoring them is the best way. Engaging them just gets their blood pressure up. They’re not interested in debate Pete, and even less in people coming along showing flaws in the argument.

          The real reason they don’t come here? Not because it’s a cesspit of evil at all. It is because it allows the argument to be debated instead of decreed. And the Left so like to tell you what to do, they’re not interested in your misguided notions as to how they could possibly be holding the wrong end of the stick.

          Come on. Write an Open Mic post about this. ;)

          • Pete George

            I ignore a lot and pick my battles (sometimes wisely).

          • Ha ha – did you see the comment about fifty shades of grey.

    • Scott is mocking Lynn in that post Pete not you.

    • Plus if you stopped going to Martyn’s new endeavor then his weekly page views would be a whole lot less than a day and a half of mine. Just don’t engage with them.

  • Morrissey

    I’m sure Pete can annoy people sometimes, as indeed can this writer, i.e., moi. However, for all his sins, Pete does not routinely write toe-curlingly unfunny attempts at satire, unlike the humour-free zone known as Scott Yorke.

  • niggly

    Pete George – keep up your efforts and keep on blogging and commentating. Being polite and sticking to facts to win your arguments says more about you than some of your nasty “opponents” especially at The Stranded!

    Keep the buggers on the Left and Right honest (especially those enraged Leftie buggers who wet their pants whenever their hypocrisy is called out)!