The best view on supporting gay marriage yet

This is best view on supporting gay marriage yet. Now that Rand Paul has got all the attention after his massive filibuster he is the go to person for commentary on all the things that wrong with everything….and this is his commentary on marriage equality:

Social issues are another area where he thinks Republicans can make a better argument to independents and centrists without departing from their principles. Gay marriage, for instance, is one issue on which Paul would like to shake up the Republican position. “I’m an old-fashioned traditionalist. I believe in the historic and religious definition of marriage,” he says. “That being said, I’m not for eliminating contracts between adults. I think there are ways to make the tax code more neutral, so it doesn’t mention marriage. Then we don’t have to redefine what marriage is; we just don’t have marriage in the tax code.”

Heh. Or the Adoption legislation, or welfare legislation or any legislation…


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  • spollyike

    That’s fucked up!

  • surfisup

    We use language to define the nature of sex/relationships all the time. Marriage = between man/woman, civil union = between same sex (technically opposite sex couples can enter into a civil union but should not to avoid confusion)

    Civil union is a clinical and sterile term, bordering on ugly – they should have come up with better terminology and maybe there would have been acceptance?

    It is like we are trying to artificially paper over differences between people and make everyone homogeneous and indeterminable.

    The next step that I can see is to stop differentiating between boys and girls too — ban any reference to the sex and simply use the word ‘person’, or ‘unit’.

    People are different and it is a good thing but why the need to change the language to hide these differences?

    Anyway, that is just my view. The homosexuals obviously still want to go ahead with it so all power to them.

    • JimboBug

      Standard modern-Judeo/Christian religious marriage = contract between a man and a woman in the eyes of God
      Standard modern Islamic religious marriage = contract between a man and the fathers of up to 4 women in the eyes of God.
      Recent historic Christian religious marriage = contract between a man and a woman’s father in the eyes of God
      Historic Judeo religious marriage = contract between a man and the fathers of many women in the eyes of God.
      Recent historic civil marriage = contract between a man and a woman before a state official
      Current civil marriage in many jurisdictions = contract between two parties before a state official
      Since when was there a single, unchanging definition of marriage?

  • BJ

    WO your title should read ‘The best view on gay marriage yet’ because as far as I can tell he doesn’t support it.

  • Chris

    How do you propose getting rid of reference to marriage from welfare legislation? Are you suggesting individual entitlement regardless of relationship status?