The bet is being paid today


In about 15 minutes I will be sitting down with Leighton Smith collecting my winnings from our bet last year.

Readers will remember that Leighton Smith and I made a bet on the outcome of the US presidential election, months ahead polling day. He said that Mitt Romney would win easily, and I said that though i wanted Romney to win I believed that he wouldn’t be able to do it and that Barack Obama would win a second term.

I based my opinions on the mathematical and statistical approach of Nate Silver.

As you all know Obama romped home and I won the bet.

The vagaries of holidays, overlapping commitments, timing and extraneous matters meant that this was the earliest we could do it.

Never let it be said that Leighton Smith doesn’t honour his bets.

I will post photos from the event later.


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  • Enjoy :-)

  • Agent BallSack

    BallSack called it, good on Leighton for paying up.

  • Gazzaw

    Let me guess – crumbed snapper and a bottle of Clevedon Hills.

    • Cam’s plate will have a rare piece of meat on it.

      • Cadwallader

        No, a piece of rare meat.

        • Too right you well damn are

  • Mitch82

    Wow.. took a long time for him to cough up.

  • blazer

    ‘photos from the event later’….event??

  • cows4me

    More and more evidence would suggest that Obummer like all leftys are prone to a little cheating. I would eat very fast.

    • le sphincter

      Obamas final talley is 5 million more votes than whats his name- dream on

      • le sphincter

        In fact Obama got a higher percentage (51.1%) than Reagan did when he beat the hapless Jimmy Carter (50.8%)

        The rest of the democrats improved their numbers as well.

        The losers cant even count, which is just the start of their problems

  • Leighton had Lamb, I had a big rare steak, and we drank a bottle of Leighton’s 2010 Syrah which he wasn’t happy with, said it needed another year in the cellar

  • Magor

    Was good to see you there (did not intrude), a great place, and very good food – finally left at 6pm (or we were asked politely to make way for the evening diners…!!)