The bleeding hearts find something else to complain about

The jobsworths are complaining again.

“A couple who reported a man driving with an open bottle of beer in Nelson were dumbfounded to be told by police he wasn’t breaking the law.”

“Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson, who also edits car review website,, was shocked to learn the practice was legal and called for a law change.

Is he really that thick? It would appear so.

“It’s completely crazy. I just can’t believe our lawmakers are that stupid,” he said. “It’s like saying you’re allowed to drive carrying a handgun as long as you’re not shooting anyone.

Errrm, you can as long as you have the correct firearms licence and are heading to the shooting range or the gun shop. 

“One tends to follow the other. If you’re drinking while driving, then it’s highly likely that it’s going to cause serious road safety problems.””

Highly likely? Proof? Evidence? Or just the mad rantings of someone with two fathers?

It is only if you exceed the legal limits are under the influence. Many people regularly drive with open drinks of all sorts. Hell any person who goes through a McDonalds drive thru does this. Is Matthew Two-Fathers suggesting that their hot chocolate, or diet coke is “highly likely” to “cause serious road safety problems”?

Clive Matthew-Wilson yet again shows us how much of a chutney-ferret he is.


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  • Saccharomyces

    Clive Matthew Wilson is a complete fuckwit. I don’t know how the MSM keep giving him attention, he’s just retarded.

    • Blue Tim

      Agree. He shouldn’t be approached for comment at all. I can’t believe people actually but his b/s “guide”

    • Mr_Blobby

      No hes not retarded. If you Drink and Drive your a bloody legend.But her can fuck off and mind his own business.

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    If I drink very low alcohol beer, why can’t I drink a 6 pack of it while driving?

    If no-alcohol beer didn’t taste like arse I’d drink it all day every day

  • cows4me

    Well said WO there are way to many in this country ready to jump on their fallow citizens. Forget the fun police we now have the moral police ready to squeal like stuck pigs if they perceive a wrong. I bet this prick was teachers pet at school and dobbed his mates in for any school violation. People like these would be the first to line up for a job if NZ was to start it’s own securitate.

  • Sarrs

    I knew it! My retarded ‘friend’ always told me off for drinking V (green glass bottle) while driving because she thought the police would think it was Steinlager and pull us over. I always thought the it was only against the law to be drunk while driving, not drinking while driving.

    Thank you WO…this has been going on for years. Finally, it can be over.

    • Saccharomyces

      It’s amazing how many people think that we have an “open vessel” law, I blame stupid american TV programmes myself.

      “it’s illegal, I saw it on Law and Order!!!!”

  • surfisup

    whats the diff between drinking a coke in the car after having a beer at home , or , drinking a coke at home then a beer in the car?

    It is irrelevant as long as you’re under the legal limit i’d have thought.

  • John Q Public

    Mr Wilson, years aog, forgot to grow a grow a mustache to go with his beard. Never trust a man who does thsi.

  • tarkwin

    This is great news! I’m going to celebrate by firing up the mighty Commodore and have a couple of jars while I’m in rush hour traffic passing buses full of sanctimonious Poe faced wankers who spend their days worrying about their carbon footprint. So, if you happen to hear about some commotion in Whangarei and some drunken mad man getting arrested it will be me.

    • Bunswalla

      As long as you’re not driving the fire engine. That’s needed all over the country, and even at sea, so don’t crash the fucker, alright?

  • Callum

    The biggest issue is actually the delay before you can be breath tested. If not 15 minutes from your last drink then you get the alcohol from your mouth rather than what is in your breath/bloodstream. It is generally discouraged to avoid the massive time that would be tied up in roadside breath tests.

  • unsol

    Umm, it is no wonder this couple thought that it was illegal – it is the ‘don’t drink and drive campaign’ after all – which of course has double meaning.

    I would have narked on this guy too as if he is drinking while driving then chances are he is an egg. Process of elimination – if you look responsible it is likely you are. Conversely if you look like an accident waiting to happen then chances are you will.

    I don’t know any men that would drink alcohol while behind the wheel. While technically it is no different to drinking coke, the perception most certainly is.

    But I agree re Clive – he is the dog & lemon when it comes to credibility vs cars.

    • Hazards001

      Well you feel free to call the cops on me if i decide to stop at a bottle shop and buy a stubbie on the way home after sweating my guts out to then sit in traffic on a stinking hot day with all the tards that don’t actually NEED to be in a vehicle but choose to be.
      I’ll admit the perception is true which is of course why I wouldn’t hold it in my right hand with my arm out the window but leave it in a drinks holder but the self righteous out there as always need to take a good hard look at themselves. The latte sipping fuckwits in their tosser SUV’s that have never and will never be in 4WD and that have no idea how to drive are way more dangerous on the roads than me as they turn their head to speak to the back seat passenger or adjust the kids seat belt at a 100 kms/hr,read a newspaper on the Northern Motorway or any one of the hundreds of halfwit things I see regularly on Aucklands roads that would do your head in!
      Me I’m gonna have my stubbie as I drive in the shit we have up here(I know you’re from here too, no need to tell me) when I can’t get home after a 10-12 hr day…hell I might even have two..but as a member of the 2 drinks campaign I sure as hell won’t be having three!

      Drinking and driving drunk is for fucking low weight tosspots that deserve everything that comes their way, sadly the other people on the road that they encounter DO NOT!

      • unsol

        Yes I agree & yep, latte sipping SUV tossers (especially gotta love the ones that are as hold as the hills yet the still drive them like they are a Merc AMG!) have a lot to answer for to.

        But regardless of whether drinking alcohol & driving is legal, the fact is most just wouldnt do it as most dont want the perception & often inconvenience that comes with it. If a cop sees you with alcohol in your hand they will pull you over to make sure you are not drunk. You are giving them reason to check you out….and if you are already annoyed with driving home in rush hour/getting home late, just think how annoyed you will be when they make you go through the breath test rigmarole.

        And no, I’m not an Aucklander. But I have been there enough to totally empathise with the traffic.

        But bad dumb drivers – they are everywhere unfortunately!

  • Chris

    Just watch the silly government change the law to make it illegal, and Labour will support it. If the government don’t do it some idiot from Labour like Jacinda Ardern or Annette King will introduce a private members bill. Fuckwits.

  • Blair Mulholland

    While Texas is an oasis of freedom compared to NZ, open container laws are a frustration. You can’t even transport empty bottles or cans in your car if you are trying to tidy up after yourself. If I am taking an opened bottle of wine to a party, I literally have to put it in the boot (trunk) to legally transport it.
    New Zealand would be mad to adopt this nonsense.