The Economist on wasting bad bastards with drones

There are a lot of people overly concerned about drone strikes against bad bastards. But it is clear from polling and opinion makers that drone attacks on Wogistanis in Wogistan are OK according to the American public despite the best efforts of the media to turn people against drone strikes.

There is an urgent need for better oversight of America’s war on terror. Conservatives are well placed to provide that oversight, because most Democrats are disinclined to criticise Mr Obama in public over his use of drones, secret detentions and intelligence sharing with legally dodgy foreign agencies.

If done properly, such oversight would be hard work and politically risky, because many ordinary Americans seem not that fussed about vapourising suspected Islamic extremists in far-away countries. Ignore the praise for Mr Paul this week. He has proved nothing about the right’s appetite for such hard, risky work, and shown instead a movement excited by any chance to rally round a popular cause, and feel good about itself.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    To me the only differrence between a drone and a fighter bomber is that the pilot sits in a bunker thousands of miles away.

    • Yes but there is a big difference in how a drone and a fighter bomber are employed. A huge percentage of (US) drone use is for the purpose of killing individuals on the ground). Fighter bombers are generally either employed to destroy key infrastructure or provide close air support when troops on the ground need it.

      I think there is a massive difference between the application of lethal force by someone who is physically there at the time (i.e. soldier on the ground) and someone who is sitting thousands of kilometers away and is under no threat.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        But it is quite a different theatre, we are not at war with Wogistan, but rather with bad Wogistanis who don’t tend to identify themselves with a uniform.

        • thor42

          Very true. It’s a very different kind of war when you’re up against terrorist groups rather than a country.

          It’s bloody Pakistan and the Saudis who are the bastards breeding and funding the scumbags.
          Vaporise them and there’d be a shitload fewer problems.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            I’ll tell ya, there would be nothing more refreshing than a few buckets of instant sunshine on those shit holes. Bit like turning your PC off and on again and starting all over.

  • Pita

    I guess the problem lies in our sense of “fair play”. The Wogistanis understand this and that is why they and their fellow travelers seek to have drones grounded.
    War can never be waged on the principles of fair play, it is brutal and, in this case, Allah has blessed Satan America with a weapon to smite their foe from the comfort of their armchair.

    • thor42

      Agreed. There was sure as heck no “fair play” involved in the brutality of 9/11 and all of the attacks that have followed that. I have no problem at all with Wogistanis being blown to smithereens by Hellfires fired from a drone.

  • Jman

    The reason Obama likes drones so much is because there are no awkward prisoners to house at Gitmo and no military casualties for the evening news.

    • Gazzaw

      Brilliant isn’t it Jman. Less bereaved US families & less maimed vets destined to spend the rest of their lives in wheelchairs or hospital beds.

  • Hazards001

    Well as usual there are two types of people in this conflict…those that have been brought up in hatred to kill anyone not of their religion and those that genuinely want a better world….fuck ’em

    • Hazards001

      Jayzus wept…we’re gonna have to work on making those images a bit smaller boy..sheesh!

  • Gazzaw

    Whenever I hear liberals protesting that thousands of innocent civilians are being killed by rogue aircraft I just think back to 9/11.

  • Patrick

    End justifies the means, the enemy does not play fair & neither should the Yanks