The Huddle


Once again Larry Williams was entertaining Josie Pagani and me on his Huddle.

Our topics were:

The back down on the car parking tax

Then we’ve got the debate about whether or not farmers should get an allowance during climatic events, here’s the piece from Bruce Wills responding to the complaints.

And last but not least the Parata staff problems and the latest Novopay cock up: there’s more problems with Novopay – but there does come a point where that’s not really news. News would be that Novopay’s running smoothly!!

I managed to hijack the first segment to talk about David Shearer’s miraculous off shore bank account he forgot clean about….poor Josie never saw it coming.


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  • surfisup

    I have difficulty accepting that novopay is running smoothly.

    Steven Joyce seems to be a reasonably intelligent person and he certainly does not give the impression that novopay is functioning well.

    While some teachers probably do talk problems up, where there is smoke there is probably fire in this case.

    My feeling is they stuffed up the database design and have difficultly identifying teachers. But, just a guess by me based on the types of reported problems and the obvious difficulty in fixing.

  • Cam, did I really hear you say that the price of farmland is due to Ma and Pa farmers charging their children arbitrary high land prices when they retire and that that is the reason for high farm prices? That must be why the Chinese wanted to pay so much more than the local Kiwis for the Crafer farms?

    • Gazzaw

      Right on both counts Euan. I know of one Waikato family in the Waikato where the parents have ‘saddled’ their kids with a massive ‘mortgage’ whilst they look for twenty acres to play vineyard with on the proceeds up at Matakana complete with faux Italian villa. As for Chinese buyers, astute investors as they are, they don’t mind waiting longterm for returns and are quite happy to pay over the odds for good land or land with potential.

      • ‘saddled their kids with a massive mortgage’? Are you saying the kids paid more from mum and dad than the next door neighbour would have paid? …and if the parents want to ‘play vineyard’, why should they be judged by onlookers?
        For the record I was one such kid. My father taught me back in the 70’s that farming is a lifestyle, but the money is in the capital gain on the farm. The idea was that you don’t get rich farming but you makes your money when you retire. My guess is that if those kids you referred to didn’t buy out mum and dad, then they would have paid a heap more buying land elsewhere and beginning again. I call bollocks on the idea that mum and dad set the value of farmland arbitrarily. Like any business it is economics that drive values – just like the Govt are about to ‘arbitrarily’ value Mighty river.