The Huddle at 1740


Once again Larry Williams is entertaining Josie Pagani and me on his Huddle.

Our topics so far are:

The back down on the car parking tax

Then we’ve got the debate about whether or not farmers should get an allowance during climatic events, here’s the piece from Bruce Wills responding to the complaints.

And last but not least the Parata staff problems and the latest Novopay cock up: there’s more problems with Novopay – but there does come a point where that’s not really news. News would be that Novopay’s running smoothly!!

Of course we can always shunt all of those and talk about David Shearer’s miraculous off shore bank account he forgot clean about.

You can listen online or through usual methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow morning.


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  • Phar Lap

    I vote for David Shearer setting out to deceive,the rest of NZ with his hamfisted excuse of third stage dementia.Such a common little man,with his lies and half truths.

  • Gazzaw

    Shearer’s missing $50k please WO as you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t get any sunlight from the MSM.