The incredible gutlessness and stupidity of Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd has said he will never again challenge for the leadership of the Labor Party. But he barely challenged the last two times such is his gutlessness.

This time round he pushed Simon Crean out in front to take the bullets and as a result Crean is now a political corpse lying at his feet, gunned down by the lack of spine in Kevin Rudd.

Sacked minister Simon Crean, who sparked Labor’s leadership crisis this week, says Kevin Rudd’s camp had fully endorsed his intervention to demand the Prime Minister call a spill.

His account directly contradicts the version of Mr Rudd, who on Friday said he had ”not expected the spontaneous combustion of Mr Crean’s” demand for a ballot, and promised he would never again seek the leadership.

Mr Rudd’s last-minute decision to back out of a challenge has led to bitter recriminations among his supporters, with Mr Crean describing Mr Rudd’s key support group as ”disorganised, unbelievable and shameless”.

“He reneged on our deal, it was gutless,” Mr Crean said. “At no stage did they say to me that Rudd wouldn’t run if he didn’t have the numbers.

”He would have been better to stand and lose; that’s what Paul Keating did,” in his first and failed challenge to Bob Hawke before succeeding in his second.

The bloodletting came as three more senior government figures, tertiary education minister Chris Bowen, resources and energy minister Martin Ferguson and human services minister Kim Carr, quit Ms Gillard’s team on Friday, joining Mr Crean on the backbench.

Accused of failing to deliver the numbers for Mr Rudd, Mr Crean said: “I’m not going to put up with their attempt to rewrite the record.”

He said Mr Bowen, who led the key pro-Rudd tactical group, had told him on Thursday morning to ”bring it on” before he fronted the media to demand a ballot.

Mr Bowen had reassured Mr Crean that a Labor figure of his standing would precipitate a ”stampede” of votes for a Rudd challenge.

Mr Crean openly attacked Mr Rudd, saying his refusal to stand had exposed so many people to derision and political harm that he would never again be able to win support for a tilt at the leadership.


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  • Blue Tim

    Elms Fudd.

  • Mr_V4

    But you know the next poll will still have Rudd as preferred leader of the Labor party. He gets to come out of this saying he kept his word (unlike serial liar Gillard).

    Also I can’t see why Rudd would even want the leadership now, only to lose the election. Better to try and take it up post election when Labor will be facing oblivion.

    • There is a time though when you just look like a cock constantly challenging and failing….Rudd has passed that time

      • Mr_V4

        But thats my point he didn’t challenge, some mug tried to throw his name in the ring, but you can hardly blame rudd for that.

  • Dumrse

    Quite frankly I don’t know why you give him oxygen. Who gives a fuck about labour infighting let alone what goes on across the ditch. Let them all fight to the end.

  • Patrick

    i am no fan of Crean’s he is another socialist but his long & distinguished career has been left in tatters by Rudd. Current count is about 5 senior MPs that have either committed hari kari or had the knock on the door from Gillard’s executioners – Rudd is a spineless selfish self intulgent prick.

    As far as I am concerned watching the ALP self destruct (albeit slowly) is a whole heap of fun, with a bit of luck it will be years before they are considered electable again – just like NZ Labour.

    • StupidDisqus

      With a bit of luck Labor/Labour will never be electable again.

      Australia has a perfectly good extreme-left communist party in the Liberals; NZ has the same in National. The UK has the same in the Conservatives!
      All three countries have a higher proportion of the economy under state control – and more people receiving benefits – than actually communist countries in Easter Europe ever did.

      We don’t need Labour

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Who cares?