The Memory Hole – Banks v. Shearer

When Kim Dotcom decided to get pissy because he didn’t get the treatment he felt he deserved in prison and unleashed his donations scandal upon the body politic of New Zealand David Shearer had this to say at the conclusion of the police investigation that cleared Banks:

“This is a guy that’s gone to a donor asked for money and in one case received a cheque in his hand and then has turned around and said he can’t remember receiving it.

“Police can’t prove it but everyone in New Zealand knows what’s going on here. John Key knows as well and should stand him down.”

But Mr Shearer said Mr Key would keep Mr Banks on, “and I think that says something about his ethical standards”.

Perhaps Mr Shearer might like to now apply the same standards of ethics that he demands of John Key and John banks and stand himself down. After all John Banks didn’t know the exact details of the donations, didn’t break any laws and the police investigation cleared him.

David Shearer on the other hand has concealed or in his words “forgot” about a bank amount with a lazy $50,000 plus sitting in it, even though he remembered to declare it to the IRD…he “forgot” actually means breached standing orders, and arguably the law in failing to declare for more than 3 years a bank account with more than $50,000 in it.

John Banks couldn’t remember exact details about one of many donations his team received and Shearer thought he should hang. David Shearer meanwhile can;t keep track of his own accounts…how on earth would he manage running the country’s books.

I’ll await David Shearer falling on his own sword. It is the right thing to do, he has demanded it so often of others, perhaps he should honour his own demands for a high ethical standard.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Shooting Tex! Petard… Hoist…

    Shearer is so twisted by his own hypocrisy and lack of ethics, he will try and spin his way out of this, but the reality is he needs to stand by his own words… If only for his own sense of integrity.

    … Unless his prior slathering we’re mere weasel words and populist rhetoric looking for a 6 O’Clock sound bite…

    • Agent BallSack

      Brain…cannot…comprehend…the words Shearer and integrity in same sentence.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        This is unfortunate comment from Agent B. Sheep is a man of integrity. He is a busy man and he simply forgot that he had some loose change sitting in an idle bank account. What is the big deal bro? None of the newspapers seem to think this is a big issue….move on…have a latte. That is all the loose change we are talking here…

        • Dave

          SCS, Had the Nespresso Latte thanks, some points for you to consider, Sheep needs to come clean, and show the bank records, how much is it ? Chances are its WELL over 50k, could be $250K for all we know. Where did all the statements go, if returned to the bank it would be classed as a dormant account by now, so someone got them, or doesn’t he open his mail??

          Can we trust a man who can’t recall what he has in his accounts, or where they are, files FALSE tax returns, and doesn’t open his mail to run the country ? No we CANNOT!

          Pity he is the best Labour have to offer. Time to put the old Ram out to pasture I think SCS.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Well well well Mr Dave, the $50K Nespresso latte is kicking in strong. Here is my theory. Sheep has returned to NZ to save this country. He had a slight memory lapse about the foreign bank account where he used to save his loose change. Is this a big deal? If he had not declared that now, you and I won’t even know about it. What about Naked Emperor? Has he got a US account? Did you think about it? Sheep is lining these type of questions now to blast Emperor in Parliament now.

          • Dave

            SCS. Bit difficult for him to ask questions in Parliament soon, as he is more likely to be found grazing in the back paddock dreaming of a few ewes, and no Jacinda in sight!

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Dave – Emperor has shown an olive branch saying “these things happen”. So Sheep is off the hook, let us move on bros…

          • Dave

            You waving the white flag SCS, or just trying the labour practices of sweeping it all under a very large red carpet!!

          • Bunswalla

            I think it must be a dormant account in Nigeria, because I’ve been getting a lot of emails about how to get a slice of it. Also it’s more than $50k – A LOT MORE. My reputable contact there tells me it’s in fact USD27,500,000 and I can have some of it if I send him some loose change to smooth the way.

            I’ve sent a couple of hundred thousand bucks so far, but they’re in regular contact and I’m sure the money will come soon. My mate Terry the Piss is expecting some from the same people, so it’s 100% kosher.

        • Roger

          That’s the point – there are few in New Zealand that have the wherewithall to forget about a lazy $50,000 US Dollars they have in an account. First up Shearer should clear the air on exactly how much was undeclared.

  • paddles83

    Um Um Um Um Um , I forgot and I am UM UM Um a typical fucking liebor leader

  • Pete George

    Normally this should just be a normal “whoops”, fix and forget. But Shearer’s ‘gotcha!’ karma is biting him on the bum.

    As CV has commented at The Standard:

    “Note to the Shearer Bearers: more seriously, this is another reason why
    you don’t put 1st term back bench MPs in as Leader. As an ordinary
    backbencher you are still learning the rules and the ropes; something
    like this would simply have been a beginners fuck up in the back pages.
    Happened, sort it, walk away lesson learnt. But when it goes down as
    Leader, it becomes a real issue and makes you look too rookie to be PM.”

    • johnbronkhorst

      Excuses excuses…..These aren’t children, and they have legal advice on this subject, just a phone call away. They ALL know how serious this is!! A simple investigation, by shearer himself (via an accountant/auditor), BEFORE he made his declaration was the way to check this. ALL MP’s should be FORCED to do this!!! After all it is OUR money they are playing with and the laws THEY make, WE have to OBEY.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Shearer has been shown to be lacking in integrity and honesty.

    This helps explain why Shane Jones has been brought back to the front benches of the Opposition… when serious questions are raised about the judgement of a senior caucus member, Shearer can no longer use his own behaviour as the measure of what is right and good. His moral compass is unreliable.

    The rules on filing pecuniary interests are clear. Filing a false statement, a statutory document, not once but repeatedly, requires a full investigation. It’s important to hold members of Parliament to account. That’s what Parliament does – that’s parliamentary democracy in action. Bring it on.

    In the meantime Shearer must be stood down – as Mallard said of Finlayson in much less serious circumstances, “he needs to go to the sin bin and not be allowed out until he can prove that each of his declarations have been factual”

  • johnbronkhorst

    Banks’ explanation is more plausible. Considering many people in his position don’t actually handle the money directly. As for shearer, this was an account set up for his use alone, he doesn’t deny knowing about it, just forgetting.

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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nasty Tories – nobody except Whale Oil seems to be worried about this $50K loose change….Shearer is a busy person planning to win the next election and today’s Rouge Morgan poll confirms him as a clear winner. With Peter Done Deal Dunne, digging a hole to bury Naked Emperor with his ridiculous tax ideas, Key is toast. Shearer has many things to worry about and this can happen. Shall we move on bros?

    • In Vino Veritas

      SCS, yes, Shearer does indeed have many things to worry about, I’d imagine he’s seriously looking for some kevlar body armour to fend off the knives in his back from his own team. A clear winner? With Peters’ stance on the buy back of assets, I doubt whether any party will go near him. Norman will want finance and is currently showing that he has no understanding of basic macro economics, and is in fact a raving lunatic. Even Shearer must be having some serious doubts about him. Clear winner indeed, just look at his potential coalition partners. Ground is little bare is it not?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        IVV – In theory I agree. But power is so addictive. On November 9th Sunday, 2014 morning, watch the TV over a cup of coffee. See how the toxic combination of Sheep-Norman-Poo-Honrny Hone appear on Q & A and discuss their cabinet and their tax and spend policies. We just cannot escape this tragedy,

  • Gazzaw

    The danger here is that labour aided and abetted by their numerous friends and paid lackeys in the media will get this swept under the carpet and out of the public arena within a couple of days. It will just wither on the vine unless the Nats keep it highly visible. Time for the Nat PR people to turn up the heat.

    • Roger

      Perhaps another question for the Gnats is the tax treatment of this money in the US. I imagine it was earned TAX FREE while he was a UN Puncheur. Maybe the IRS will come calling as well.

      • GregM

        I would think it would be liable for taxation if he brings it into NZ. Maybe that’s why it was conveniently forgotten about.
        Tax the shit out of everyone else but doesn’t want to pay his fair share? There is a whole lot of mileage in this one, hopefully the Nat PR machine will make the most of it.

        • Roger

          He doesn’t have to bring it here to be liable. NZ tax laws cover income earned anywhere in the world. It is a criminal offence to not disclose offshore accounts to the NZ tax authorities – seems Mr Shearer is OK there. That doesn’t relieve him of responsibilites to the US IRS. Interesting times – just as Shearer thinks he’s the next PM – pffft, balloon prick. Bugger.

          • GregM

            Interesting times indeed. Thanks for the heads up on the tax position.

  • Patrick

    Shearer has a foreign bank account with AT LEAST $50k in it – could be a whole lot more. Remember this next time he & his Labour mates bang on about National being out of touch with Kiwis. Bet there are not too many of Shearer’s supporters that have that sort of coin salted away – apart from the corrupt theiving unions that bankroll the Labour Party

    • Roger

      And none of his supporters would have “forgotten” they had salted at least $50,000 US Dollars away unless it was deliberately salted away from either the missus or IRD

  • Bunswalla

    This is great ammunition for Key – remember the pivotal point of the previous election when he turned to Shearer in a televised debate and asked where the money was going to come from (to pay for Labour’s ridiculous tax and spend policies)?

    Now he can say “where’s the money going to come from – your offshore UN bank account? Have you found a few more million you forgot to tell us about?”

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Sheep should be shorn and resign. One wonders how many ot the Labour Troughers who have worked o’seas have hidden accounts. Cunliffe??? Adern????

  • Pete George

    Another memory Shearer would probably prefer was forgotten, his GCSB tape accusations. 3 News reported:

    If it exists, he says John Key should release the video to clear up what has happened once and for all.

    “This cuts directly to John Key’s credibility, he keeps forgetting things.”

    Who forgot something in 2009? In 2010? In 2011? In 2012?

    Shearer – “he keeps forgetting things”

  • AnonWgtn

    Can hear Robertson with his homosexual “cronies” planted in Shearer’s office going high fives.