The Moroney Effect in Action

Sue Moroney is blessed with a special kind of stupid. In every race she has run she has increased the majority for the National MP. Even in years like 2011 when just about every other Labour List MP reduced the majority.

Now she is complaining that Hamilton’s growing population doesn’t need another primary school. The Ministry of Education disagrees with her, and is giving them one.

Labour MP Sue Moroney says locals have been calling for a secondary school for five years, but the primary is not seen as such a priority.

“The proposal for a new primary school? Well that’s come out of left field, or right field as it might be.

“It’s not the priority. The community is very clear about its priorities, they want the secondary school in place.”

Hekia Parata says the evidence shows the primary school will be needed first in the area, which is growing rapidly.

Someone needs to explain to Sue in words of one syllable “Schools are Good”. This is politics 101, and to get this wrong just shows exactly how stupid Sue is. It could be why the Moroney Effect is so powerful.

Sue Moroney started her political career in Piako in 2002 so that sets our benchmark margin at 1600 National candidate majority.

Sue then competes again in Piako in 2005 and Lindsay Tisch’s majority jumps 525%.

Sue enters the Hamilton East race in 2008 and David Bennett’s majority jumps 76%. (After losing all the rural votes due to boundary changes – close to 3000 National voters)

[In 2011] she enters the Hamilton West race and Tim McIndoe’s majority jumps 160%.

Someone in Labour needs to put Sue Moroney in a burlap sack and whack her with a lead pipe to make her go away. She is a proven vote loser, and if they don’t whack her with lead pipes they should do what they have done with their other proven voter loser, Darien Fenton, and make her list only.

Todd McClay is often heard around parliament exclaiming the virtues of Sue Moroney and hoping she will stand in Rotorua next election.


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  • Michael

    Sue’s political strategy is to be contrary… period.

  • williamabong

    Poor Old Sue, remind us again who voted for her,that’s right, no one, two fucks Sue, up

  • Richard McGrath

    ‘ Someone needs to explain to Sue in words of one syllable “School’s are Good”. ‘

    Apostrophe not required.

  • Patrick

    If she had everything she would complain National gave her too much – hate to be her hubby (if she has one) poor bugger.