The MSM goes gay, gay. gay

Just when you thought you had enough of Marriage Equality and everything gay on this blog, the MSM is starting to ramp up its own stories:

Kiwi entertainer Lynda Topp will marry fiancee, Donna Luxton, in Staveley this month.

It was reported that exclusive rights to the wedding have been granted to a women’s magazine, and it is understood the event will be held at the couple’s shared business, Topp Lodge, northwest of Ashburton, which offers fully licensed functions for up to 80 people.

The report said the couple will join in a civil union and consider it a marriage.


A distressed New Zealand soldier took his life in Afghanistan just hours after confessing his feelings for a male colleague of junior rank, a Sunday Star-Times investigation has found.

The soldier died despite being in the care of his sergeant, who at one point frisked him for a weapon.

Corporal Douglas Hughes, 26, was on his second tour of duty to Afghanistan. Hughes’ family believe the death was preventable and are critical of the actions of the sergeant.

They believe he was bullied because he was gay and that his death, in the early hours of April 3 at the forward patrol base Romero in Bamiyan province, raises questions about frontline attitudes to gay soldiers.

The New Zealand Defence Force likes to promote its acceptance of homosexual lifestyles. Much was made of the NZDF contingent that marched in the Auckland Pride parade last month.

The above shows that the debate is far from over.  The attempts to have gay people treated in the media and in normal life in a way that makes their gayness irrelevant have borne some fruit, but progress is slow.

Source: Stuff and Stuff


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  • PlanetOrphan

    That’s really sad, poor kid.

    • Second tour too…now the MoD has issued a press release:

      Media statement from the Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General Rhys Jones

      The New Zealand Defence Force is disappointed that the Sunday Star Times has decided to ignore the directions of the Coroner and publish an article today about the death of Corporal Douglas Hughes.

      We were approached by the Sunday Star Times last week with a range of questions.

      We declined to answer the Sunday Star Times’ questions as the Coroner has directed that “In addition to the standard order under section 71, pursuant to section 74 Coroners Act 2006, I prohibit from publication all evidence including the report of the Court of Inquiry, in the interests of justice and on the basis of personal privacy”.

      Throughout, the New Zealand Defence Force has endeavoured to work closely with Corporal Hughes’ family and to act in accordance with their wishes.

      We recognise that this has been a difficult issue for the family and our sympathies and support are with them.

      At the time of the incident we informed members of the media that we would not be commenting on the detail of our completed Court of Inquiry.

      The wishes of the family as expressed to the New Zealand Defence Force was not to publicly comment on this case, and to allow the family the time and space they needed to come to terms with their loss and grief.

      We provide personnel deployed on operational missions psychological and physical health support before, during and after their deployment.

      We will be making no further comment on this matter.

      • PlanetOrphan

        Wicked, I wont speculate anymore.

      • Patrick

        So some jumped up activist journalist decided to make an issue of this – disregarding the Coroner’s instruction & the family of the deceased – I am sure they are absolutely shattered by this & the last thing they need is the whole thing being dragged through the press.

        • Guest

          The article says the family wanted the story told.

          • Patrick

            Apologies – I missed that but Stuff still ignored the Coroner’s direction. My understanding is the Coroner has some pretty far reaching powers so Stuff are treading on thin ice.
            The family also requested time & space – spraying this story throughout the media hardly honours that request either.

      • Honcho

        Anyone in the defence force right now knows full well that Rhys Jones is a snake. Some additional sunlight needs to be shone apon the issue as it stands, the defence force has a strongly vested interest in keeping this story untold but if it is true that the family wants the story told then I feel they have every right for it to be, should it be embarrassing to the force, and damaging to some senior nco’s and officers then so be it.
        I do however agree with the original sentiment of your post Cam, the media are not only pimping the poor, but trying to play out gay rights (which are really just human rights) in the court of public opinion. I would rather the MSM did some decent investigative journalism, and then only as supplementary material to factual reports on current events.

  • Andy

    On the Topp issue, it raises the question of why we need marriage equality if the party in question are using the existing law and considering it as marriage.

    Our liberal elite expect the plebs to jump up in joy that we have all accepted their diktat. Do we also rejoice when they paint road signs in yellow and green, or whatever?