The ‘Shearer’ Standard

So David Shearer thinks Slow Hand Shane Jones is competent enough to be returned to the front bench, on the basis of a report that still leaves lots of serious questions unanswered.

It lays bare the rank hypocrisy of David Shearer, who, just a few weeks ago was saying the Auditor General’s clearance of the Sky City deal was ‘completely shonky‘ that John Key was implicated and desperate ; that it was a dodgy deal, that it had been a ‘cosy stich-up‘ and was  anything but transparent.

It’s clear not all OAG reports are created equal in the eyes of David Shearer.


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  • Dave

    Sheepy, just another hypocritical Labour party member, seems there is thousands like him, perhaps he can keep Lying Len company!

  • Pete George

    More rank hypocrisy from Shearer today – after insisting National have no mandate to sell asset shares having cmapigned for all of election year on it Shearer refuses to say if Labour would agree to Winstons share buy-back demands until after the next election.

    Shear Shearer hypocrisy on asset mandate

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep now clearly knows he can say anything and get away with it as Kiwis love Sheep.

    • Dave

      Yes kiwis love sheep, but they also have a complete distrust for Shearers! Especially balding ones who act like sheep following the herd for no reason other than they are going somewhere. Poor Shearer, round and round in ever decreasing he goes. Bah bleet bah

      • paddles83

        And we all know what Kiwi’s do we sheep we shag them

        • Dave

          Your welcome to shag your sheep, much prefer mine on the BBQ or in the oven, with the less juicy parts reserved for curries and stews.

          • Steve (North Shore)

            Desert? Something pink and sweet, where you gonna find that?

          • Dave

            Only one comes close to pink and sweet, that would be Jacinda Ardern. But a “vacant” desert, somewhat appealing on the outside (no other choices), but nothing inside.

          • Patrick

            You might find Jacaranda’s desert deserted, however she may be able to whip up a tasty dessert.

  • Agent BallSack

    Hey you get the Government you deserve and it seems there’s plenty of people out there who deserve what’s coming to them. Shearer has so far flip flopped on just about every issue put to him, if Kiwis want a spineless gutless coward as a leader let us have at it. One more term of that bunch of hypocritical wankers mixed with the green luddites will sound the death knell for the Labour Party.

    • BW_Lord

      I’m often thinking that this would almost be the best scenario.
      Labour comes into government, the greens poison everything to such a degree that everyone involved disappears forever from the public eye.

      Of course, I would be forced to flee the country for approx 12 years: the labour term, plus the three terms of national it would take to get some semblance of reality back.

    • JeffDaRef

      As much as it horrifies me to say it – maybe it is worth having a one term Labour/Greens/Winston/Mana clusterfuck, so they’d ruin any chance of being in government for the next 20 years…

    • RightOfGenghis

      join me at

    • Patrick

      He reminds me of Bill Rowling another hand wringing ditherer.
      How he ever stared down angry Somalian Warlords is beyond me – or maybe that is all just Labour Party spin?

    • Wallsingham

      …have another G&T!

  • Orange

    I’m sure I saw Shearer on TV saying he’s putting Jones on the front bench and letting him off his leash… Isn’t that, like, terribly racist or something?

    • davcav

      Hope they let him take off the gimp outfit first.

    • Patrick

      Jones will be fine as long as there are plenty of tissues

  • cows4me

    “Slow hand Jones”? isn’t he related to fists of fury?

  • Troy

    Jackoff Jones won’t ever live down his past, frankly i’m not sure what drives guys like that…. hauled out because of shonky ministerial work, hauled out over the cock-jerking in a hotel on the taxpayers tab… what drives these sort of guys? Power and greed… certainly not anything to do with the good of the country. Left-wing loonies are almost always devoid of reality, Jones is no exception, no matter how clever people think he is with the oratory.