The weekly Herald Bombs collection

Apart from a few that were rather time sensitive, and the really dumb ones like basic typos, here are some of the better Herald Bombs for the week.







And here is one from Stuff, having their own Herald Bombs moment




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  • Bunswalla

    Another one is referring to something belonging to Oscar Pistorius as Pistorius’. It should be Pistorius’s girlfriend. You only put the apostrophe after the s when it’s a plural e.g. a number of countries’ economies.

    • LabTested

      I went through the NZ education system where Grammar & Spelling were options (or I was away that day). Passed UE English with only the vaguest idea about grammar. When living in Europe & starting to learn the local language, the teacher had to first teach me English grammar rules, before I could understand local grammar

  • Patrick

    So Zac took a drill into his NZRFU meeting & made a hole in his shoe – interesting. NZRFU should have called in the pyschiatrist as he is clearly mad, not an alcoholic