There is a perfectly good reason for this

The DomPost takes a swipe at Hekia Parata’s unusual staff turnover, something I have blogged on previously.

Ms Parata has lost several private secretaries and a senior adviser just two months into a two-year secondment.

She also let go her senior private secretary just before Christmas.

Ministerial Services confirmed there had been no other employee disputes or employee exit arrangements from the office.

Ms Turei said she had lodged an Official Information Act request over potential staff exit arrangements in the office because of a worrying number of reports about internal office tensions.

She was concerned at the cost of the minister’s mounting tally of relationship problems. 

“There have been lots of reports of conflict and problems and a very high turnover. This personal grievance just goes to show how serious it has been beyond even the Lesley Longstone debacle.”

There’s a perfectly good reason for all of this. In addition to being weak on policy, unconvincing in management and more focused on PR events than substance, she also has a terrible ego and incapable of accepting responsibility for mistakes when there are short-term flunkies who can be blamed instead.

If she worked at Merrill Lynch, she would have been sacked by the smiling assassin in no time at all.

Hekia Parata is the Nicola Murray of the National party.


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  • Dave

    Message to Hekia, Beware the Smiling Associate Minister who is actually achieving things!!!! Key has the sights focused, the button can be pushed in about 4 to 6 weeks.

  • williamabong

    Golden opportunity while she’s out of the country felating the union, give the stupid cow the arse card.
    She has more lives than the average cat, but still seems to slide out from every disaster she has presided over, FFS John K send her packing she’s a one woman train wreck, and she make your team look duller by the day.

  • John Q Public

    But she ticks both the bro and chick box. Thanks to Hekia the Nats aren’t just a party of middle class white men.