This bloke could school Trev on the finer arts of political advertising

Labour seem to be out of ideas, perhaps they could contract Henry Heng in from WA to help Trev with strategy. This is his campaign video, made with a budget appropriate for a party of broken arses like Labour.

Who knew an internet sensation would be born when the West Australian election campaign crossed paths with a Christian music enthusiast and would-be campaign manager?

Not political newcomer Henry Heng, nor his party, Family First, but his Youtube campaign video has attracted international attention and looks poised to go viral with more than 10,000 hits.

A year ago, the 57-year-old businessman and North Metro Upper candidate had no interest in Youtube, or political film making. 

But when Mr Heng heard he would be running in Saturday’s state election he knew he was going to have to come up with something special – and on a shoestring budget.

Over Christmas dinner, Mr Heng and a Christian music enthusiast friend, came up with the Youtube video idea, inspired by South Korean popstar PSY’s Gangnam Style.

“I joked that I don’t dance well, I don’t sing well,” Mr Heng said.

Dancing and singing were out and photos were in, but the only photos Mr Heng had handy were of family holidays.

The ingredients were almost complete for what one poster on labelled, “possibly the best political advertisement ever”.

The video has even appeared on international gamer website Kotaku where one American punter commented “I don’t know if I’ve just been brainwashed or not, but I totally want to vote for Henry Heng now.”

While one friend clumsily collated the images for the video, Mr Heng’s campaign manager wrote and recorded the infectious icing on top of an already unique video: that jingle.

“He actually enjoys music and he writes songs and in fact he has cut his own album before,” Mr Heng said.

“The other day I was doorknocking and this girl saw me and started singing the song.

“It was something we did not expect at all.”

Especially since the Youtube video cost Mr Heng “nothing” to create, he said.


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  • Orange

    That’s weird, I now have the desire to vote for Henry