Today’s Twits


If it is a joke it isn’t very good.  And if it isn’t a joke, Christie is a jerk.  #farmersuicides


John at his sharpest.  A tweet from the void.  No link to a story.  #weneedcontext #worlddoesntrevolvearoundyou


Can anyone explain this to me?  Is she suggesting Elder is covering up Child Abuse in Solid Energy?  #woosh


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  • bobby

    It’s long been a mystery to me how Christie has gotten anywhere in the media business.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Since these guys are obviously stupid.
    I tell you joke….For the girls, so guys cover you eyes, your ego may be at risk.
    Husband (watching TV): I don’t know whether to watch the porn channel or the football.
    Wife: Bloody hell, it’s obvious…watch the porn…you already know how to play football!!
    Boom Boom

  • Goldie

    Catherine Delahunty is a complete nitwit, isn’t she?
    And if Labour-Greens win the next election, she is likely to become a cabinet minister.
    Don’t you love MMP?

  • P1LL

    Our water tank is very low & we will have to pump dam water to keep our house water supply going , but keep this quiet , I love the fact that that I have not had to mow a very large rural lawn for a while . ( sorry farmers )

  • Patrick

    Catherine Delahunty is an absolute diamond isn’t she – what an asset she is to NZ politics………ahem