Top Secret technology can see into 2014

via Twitter

via Twitter “2014”

The new Mana/Green/Labour coalition government greet the people on parliament’s steps

29 November, 2014


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  • maninblack

    that is frightening..

  • JeffDaRef

    oh god, say it aint so…

  • Tom


  • That’s like staring into hell through a telescope.

  • Dave

    I have to laugh, poor old balding Shearer, he is loosing his hair trying to control the labour caucus, how the hell is he ever going to control Hone or Wussel Norman?? This could be the end of Sheepy Shearer (crosses fingers)

  • Sym Gardiner

    You know that the Greens will lose any pretense to support democracy the moment they are in power. If you think Clark was social engineering, you watch the Greens.

  • Corner_shop_not

    if it wasnt so fucking seriously scary that it could happen, then it would be a joke.
    look at them, imagine that running the countr FFS

  • Orange

    NZ voted for Helen, and boy did they get Helen. If they vote for the GLaM, they will also get the GLaM. But it won’t be pretty.

  • But…but…where’s Winston?

  • sheppy

    Good job Air NZ have ordered a couple of dreamliners, presumably they’ll arrive in time for service moving taxpayers to Oz!

    • Goldie

      If a Green-Labour-Mana coalition took power, then you’d more than a couple of dreamliners to move the people wanting to get out.

  • Apolonia

    Their Foreign Minister is obviously overseas.

  • what a scary picture

  • Greg

    A working man (or woman’s) worst nightmare. Seriously though if this did happen just imagine the consequences.

  • cows4me

    Love it, will be like watching Raw with much more hair pulling, screeching, screaming, choice insults , crying and my favourite back stabbing. Will it be on pay 2 view?

  • Changeiscoming

    Dont scare us like this Whale! My poor heart can’t take it.

  • starboard

    Its like the beginning of tales from the crypt

  • BR

    Looking further into the future, I see Horry Harrowearer punching Wussel gimme-my-flag-back Norman’s lights out.


    • Mr Sackunkrak

      If only fucking likely.

  • Goldie

    2014 – Russell Norman, the new Minister of Finance, stands in front of the first boxes of million dollar notes the Reserve Bank have printed, in accordance with Norman’s social credit economic policy of printing more money to make us richer.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      I think the first batch will be “Gazzillion Dollar” notes, and they will have expiry dates to make way for the “Jizzillian Dollar” notes the following June (they are worth a trillion, billion times more). Ain’t it great to wish ourselves rich.

  • Pita

    Their smiles suggest that they have no idea of the extent of the problem.

  • Simo

    A veritable shit sandwich – another FSA will be born overnight if this lot of retards get a whiff of treasury benchs.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    A racist, a carpet munching nutter, a commie, and a cup of twice used tea-bag tea, tea-bagging all of the former. Wow, just wow.

  • Troy

    Ahhh, to see the supercilious grins wiped off the toxic Greens faces will be a joy to see… the time is now to start exposing their fucked up policies to the public with absolute vigor, and target the green supporters (if that is at all possible).

    • BigDes

      Yes Troy, I agree. I have a copy of a speech from Russell and it’s scary. And not in a overhyped way, but in a nationalise dairy production kinda way.

  • Mana, Greens, Labour alliance = the ManGreL mob

  • In Vino Veritas

    Marxist, McGillicuddyist, Communist, Socialist.