Toxic Cocktails



Perhaps it proves that I haven’t gone totally dead inside and I still do care for the way that my intelligence is being insulted, but the increasing hyperbole in the most run of the mill news stories is getting intellectually tiring.

Would you say that:  being out for a walk, not having your wallet on you, and being hungry leads to a “toxic cocktail” where you can’t buy some food?

Bill Moore causes me to lose the will to live with this piece on Nelson tourism volumes

Many Nelson tourism operators are having a lean year as a toxic cocktail of the high exchange rate, depressed overseas economies and a slump in Christchurch visitor numbers combines against them.

A combination of sub-optimal market conditions are now a “toxic cocktail”.

Spare me.


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  • Mediaan

    WO, May I say, I hope this was just your light-hearted way of putting it. No dead insides, please.

    BTW, Plaudits on grabbing news headlines for something in the latest Truth. Must get hold of it.

    Public discussion wise, you are the best. The country owes you, and a lot of individuals owe you. There is nobody out there doing a quarter of what you are doing.

    Amazingly, things are getting better, because of a few remarkable people. Like most, I forget to acknowledge them.

  • Positan

    It’s a standard failing among Labour’s “journalists” – the cocktail can’t be seen for the feathers.

  • Mr_V4

    I think when MSM spell checkers see the world cocktail it autocorrects toxic in front of it.