Tuesday nightCap


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  • Michael

    Could this guy come across anymore pretentious? not watching bullshit reality tv and drinking piss water makes you a snob?? come on…

    I personally celebrate people who switch off jersey shore, don’t drink bud and dimiss the mass marketed fire and brimstone brand of christianity that the america is famous for.

  • Rogue Trooper

    ‘Night Cam (from your friendly neighbourhood C.A!

  • Lion_ess

    Don’t understand who this guy is pitching to. What brand of alcohol one drinks – it has the same effect – irrespective of brand. What tv people watch? Mainstream tv is a shit-pie, and Sky tv is a paid for shit-pie. Whoever made the comment about tv dumbing down society was truly right. I love that old line from Friends where someone who didn’t own a TV was asked what they pointed all of their furniture at?

    • Jman

      I guess his point is that a large proportion of the great unwashed spend an inordinate amount of their time staring at the TV. TV is an incredibly persuasive medium thus the broader culture amongst this plebian majority is shaped by what they’re seeing on it. The elites on the other hand disdain the populist claptrap onTV and thus their own culture becomes ever more far-removed from ordinary peole. I think it’s an interesting point.

    • Patrick

      You miss his point entirely – & what he describes applies to NZ as well. For instance there are more & more people that have no appreciation for what it is to do manual work, there are plenty of Kiwis that believe they work hard when in fact they have absolutely no idea what it is like to come home dog tired aching from head to toe – then have to do the same day in day out. All for bugger all money. Plenty of social climbers would not be seen with a domestic beer in their hands, just wouldn’t do to be seen drinking a blue collar beer. TV shows, sure I agree with you 90% of content these days is inane reality crap that should be avoided by all. Thought provoking? Not a chance. There is a TV show that has a relationship to what he is talking about & that is Undercover Boss, how many times do you see that the boss has absolutely no understanding of what their employees do or more importantly what actually makes their business tick? Hence his question “have you ever been on a factory floor?”

      • Cadwallader

        You’re right and I suggest that the majority of those disconnected from basics (ie popular culture, traditional work ethics etc…are of the Left in NZ) this test is a snapshot only in which I had a low score but it isn’t pretentius or ill-placed.

  • Troy

    I’m only a snob towards those that are snobs… pisses them off no end.