Tuesday nightCap


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Answer, Helen Clark looking at her once glorious legacy now giving birth to the People’s Democratic Republic of the Mana Party.

  • Never in the dark…..

    And evolution is a settled argument? Yeah right!

    Perhaps Bill Nye is not so smart after all.

    • Si

      That is a cop out pathetic argument. So lets’s use it again. I’m going to teach my children that being a paedophile is reasonable, just so when they grow up they can make the choice. That’s bollocks. Some things are just wrong and Bill Nye is on the money here.

      • Never in the dark…..

        Given the propensity of the number of teachers being caught with someone’s pants down…….

        He’s on the money because Creation shouldn’t be taught ? or that we shouldn’t be teaching our kids stuff. He promotes and pushes Anthropogenic Global Warming as a viable man issue for goodness sake.

        If and when science can actually prove either evolution/AGW, I’ll keep the faith.