Turei sells out her roots. At what price?


The loyal Whale Army and fashionistas everywhere have been reading my posts this week on the Green Fashion Watch?and Metiria Turei’s questionable attempts at smartening herself up by paying thousands and thousands of dollars for designer clothes from an extremely posh Auckland designer called Adrienne Winkelmann.

It seems Seven Sharp?has also been keeping a close eye on my blog because lo and behold they had a feature on Turei last night in which the stark contrast between the dirty hippy Turei and the trough-snorting corporate power-grabber was laid bare.?

The Greens co-leader may have had a girly giggle on the outside, but inside she will have been squirming as her clumsy makeover will alienate a large proportion of her sandal-wearing caucus and dope smoking hippy party workers.

And as for comparing Turei to Crusher? In her dreams maybe.

But a few lingering questions remain.

How much did these outfits cost? Whale fashion-watchers reckon between $3000-$4000 per outfit, but I’m sure journos and party workers will now be approaching Turei for confirmation. Not only that, given the…ahem…not off the rack shape of Ms Turei then it is likely that these are bespoke and therefore even more expensive.

And more importantly, who paid for these outfits? Did the cash come from her personal account?

Or was it filed under…ahem…”expenses”, and charged to the taxpayer?

One last thing. Wouldn’t this money have been better spent on ending child poverty?

Russel – you need to sort this out.