Turns out Raglan is hippy central

Apparently Kiwis use more of the world’s resources than anyone else…and that is supposedly bad according to the hippies who have compiled some silly research.

But also in their “findings” it seems Raglan really is full of hippies:

Photo: Alan Gibson

Photo: Alan Gibson

They might like being richer, smarter, more fashionable, influential, beautiful and higher up the career ladder – but the “North Shore” type finishes last in the sustainability stakes. 

The people of Raglan and Otara top the list.

Drawing on the book 8 Tribes: The Hidden Classes of New Zealand by Chris Brown and Jill Caldwell, a study under the New Zealand Footprint Project has gauged the ecological impact of eight different Kiwi “tribes”.

Tribes were defined by income and lifestyle, and labelled according to their stereotypical state of mind.


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