UN has the sh*ts with Prosser

There are too many Wogistanis at the UN for him to get away with his comments.

The Government will seriously consider a United Nations condemnation of NZ First MP Richard Prosser’s anti-Muslim comments, Justice and Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins says.

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued a report on New Zealand’s progress at tackling racial discrimination and inequality. 

It found Mr Prosser’s comments were “inflammatory”, and urged the New Zealand Government to intensify its efforts to promote ethnic harmony and find a way to combat existing stereotypes and prejudices against certain ethnic and religious groups.

Mr Prosser said in an Investigate magazine column that young Muslim mean from “Wogistan” should be banned from flying on western airlines and he described Islam as being “a stone age religion”. The comments were found to be counter-productive to New Zealand’s efforts to reduce racial discrimination.

50 lashes on the pee-pee with a wet shoelace?

On the other hand we could just tell the UN to go fly a kite.


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  • Cadwallader

    If I were Prosser I’d tell the UN to butt-out.

    • parorchestia

      If I were the PM I would say the same, and point out to those shameless clowns in the UN that we have freedom of speech in this country (or at least we are supposed to have).

  • Troy

    Maybe Prosser will get it thru his thick skull that to be a peoples representative requires a certain level of awareness about the world about him. His level of naievity demonstrates how MMP really can fuck things up for this country. That someone of his ilk actually gets into a parliament that makes laws is to be frank scary and really fucked up. It’s in the hands of the voters really and can the average Kiwi with any modicum of intelligence really want his type in parliament representing and being the face the world sees? I’d like to think not but then again, voters that are naive really wouldn’t know anyhow.

    • Cadwallader

      What the fuck is it to do with the meddlesome UN?

    • I think you have this the wrong way around. I think people have to accept that MMP is representative of the community (more or less), and if some of the voters want to vote in a racist party like NZ First, then you have to accept that their MPs are representing their constituents.

      I rather have the likes of Prosser (and Hone) telling me what he really think than spinning some PR bullshit while doing the nasty away from public scrutiny.

      • Cadwallader

        Again: What has it to do with the UN?

        • “The Government will seriously consider a United Nations condemnation of NZ First MP Richard Prosser’s anti-Muslim comments, Justice and Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins says.”

          Prosser’s in play on this post I think.

          • Cadwallader


      • parorchestia

        Now tell me again, how many votes did Richard get in the last election? Oh yes, that result, whereby a tiny number of voters inflicted their will on the rest of us, is truly representative of the wishes of the people. MMP is just great.

      • Troy

        You could be right, but i’m struggling nonetheless when Prosser only gets about 500 votes…. that to me seems disproportionate, even for MMP, to gain entry into parliament.

        • He got in on the party vote, suggesting enough NZ First voters wanted him and his colleagues in parliament.

  • Pete George

    Something else worrying about the UN – do they see themselves as New Zealand’s Upper House? Are the Greens trying to use the UN as a final say on New Zealand legislation?

    The UN as our Upper House?

  • Mark

    Prosser’s comments were dumb and genuinely offensive (I mean properly offensive, not where someone’s offended because they are an over-sensitive soft cock). However, how are offensive comments about a religion “racially” offensive?

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Criticising Islam is not racist, but Prosser’s comments went beyond that. The word “wog” is definitely a racial slur, not a religious one.

  • Phar Lap

    Wish just for once the UN would do something useful.Recall one of their proven inept inane pupils guy called Shearer, who keeps fluffing his words and being a pretender to being the next NZ Prime Minister, yet,most times not knowing the difference between Arthur or Martha.

    • Cadwallader

      One thing the UN does which is useful is to provide a home for washed-up Labour loser MPs. This service at least gets them out of NZ.

      • tarkwin

        Bloody good point. I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think of something useful the U.N actually do! Thanks for that. Lets face it the U.N and Charlie Shovel are a match made in heaven.

  • cows4me

    So what will our fearless leaders do? I do hope they tell the maggot arses to go and boil their fascists heads but I doubt they have the balls. Fuck the NWO it’s our country why we should be directed in what to think and say while these criminals own back yards are festering shit holes. Go tell them to go and screw themselves JK.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Well said Cows. What are they talking about, we have one race better than the rest of us with more rights, we have race based political parties, we have race based TV and Radio, we have race based sports teams, we have a race based prison system, we have a race based legal system, just when are we going to be racist enough for them.

  • thor42

    Point 1 – Prosser’s comments were bloody accurate. Muslims *are* a pain in the arse all over the world.
    Point 2 – Even IF his comments were”offensive”, free speech demands that they are STILL allowed to be made.
    Point 3 – The UN should be told to **piss off**. Bunch of corrupt, dictator-loving, bludging socialist ASSHOLES.

  • Patrick

    Why don’t the UN offer Prosser a job, after all they are no slouches when it comes to recognising & awarding mass killers, despots, racists etc. What a bunch of hypocritical tossers. When will governments around the world stand up to the UN & tell them to naff off?

  • disqus_NwDSdKjjeZ

    Agree with cows4me & thor42 COLLINS should tell the UN to piss off & mind their own business as most of their member’s backyards are not that pretty looking & are far worse than one person openly speaking his mind-hyprocrites & the NZ Government is is too for cow towing to the UN.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    In 1966 I told my Social Studies Teacher (Katherine Shepherd) that the United Nations was a complete fuckup and would cost the World millions for nothing.
    I got the cane from Happy Hawkins for refusing to go to that Social Studies Class again.
    Katherine Shepherd and her type can rot in hell for trying to program me when I was 14

    • Cadwallader

      Today you’d be sent to the UN for Clark to “re-train” you. That will involve more caning! (Chauvel, Darren Hughes and Chris Carter perhaps enjoy Clark wielding a cane?)