“Unions exist to work against employers best interests” – Union boss

You would have thought that the unions, and especially Actors Equity would have learned from the Hobbit debacle.

Peter Jackson was right to mis-trust the unions and to continue to mis-trust Actors Equity in particular.

This is what their vice-president, Todd Rippon, thinks about the role of unions:

As Vice-President of New Zealand Actors’ Equity it is my job to agitate and get underneath the skin of people like you ie employers. Unions exist to work against employer’s best interests. That’s how it works. You live in a country that has accepted that system. It may not be perfect but it’s fairer than any other system in the world. If you don’t love your country as much as I do then grow your business and take it to China. I’m sure you’d love your employees to have the same guaranteed minimum terms, conditions and pay as New Zealand Actors currently have, which is exactly none. 

Now you know why companies seek to minimise the activities of unions…they are simply not working in anyone’s interests than their own…in fact as Todd Rippon says they are actively working to stuff the company up…which is hardly forward thinking.

role of unions


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  • Fred

    Todd Rippon is a dork,and he isn’t even acting!

  • pauleastbay

    Todd is even the cliche big fat sack of shit to look at. Must be nice for his members to know that he will put his ego and his fucked thinking before their jobs. Union scum.

  • Love bomb

    We should be able to turf out any union workers and along with peasants who would dare try to sabotage our business by asking for a pay rise, time off or maternity leave!

  • Gazzaw

    A few too many at Sunday lunch maybe? Certainly not the thoughts of a lucid person. Engage your brain before going public Todd if you want to be taken seriously.

  • In Vino Veritas

    NZ Actors Equity is not even a registered union. It is a loose association of a few people that are part time actors, like Rippon. I guess his main gripe is that he was fired as a tour guide for making derogatory comments about the Hobbit. Nice one Todd.

  • Richard McGrath

    Obviously he doesn’t give a shit about the people he is meant to represent, he’s just there to wage a class war against employers who will now avoid hiring anyone belonging to Actors Equity.

  • Bunswalla

    There’s a difference between acting in the best interests of your members, and actively working against the employer’s best interests. Scum unions think the two are mutually exclusive (workers’ interests and employer’s interests), and to be fair some employers do too, but enlightened employers and the more moderate unions understand that for a business to succeed and grow, there has to be something in it for everyone – employers, workers and customers.

    It doesn’t have to be a battle, with both sides scrapping over every centimeter won or lost, but if you imbibed militantism with your mother’s milk I suppose you’re always looking for the next revolution. Sad, pathetic losers.

  • Agent BallSack

    I would have thought that working for employers would be more in employees best interests as they get to keep their jobs. Say an employer is hit by union action, or worse a strike – how is he able to run his business effectively, providing paid, secure employment for his workers?
    It really is a case of the medicine being worse than the cure. Stuff like this makes me never want to hire a person from the left side of politics as they tacitly approve by supporting their chosen political masters.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Todd misses the point….. If your aim is to get the best for your members…then surely you must do what works, if an employer is out to do the best for his business…then helping him
    will help you. But if all you want is your own self advancement within the confines of the leftist arena…then….carry on!!! But you will need to hope that the union members NEVER find out, that you are using THEIR union dues, for your own advancement!!!

    • Gazzaw

      Surely John you are joking. The vice-president of a union would never use members’ dues for personal advancement.

  • johnbronkhorst

    An example by a wise man….difficult to describe.
    Imagine 2 people in an arm wrestle. The winner of each wrestle gets a dollar.
    If we both fight and strain against each other one of us will likely win a few dollars and be too tired to continue.
    But…if we come to an arrangement where first you win, then I win, then you win again…..etc etc
    We will both win a lot of money, but will also be able to keep this up for days.
    So the solution that benefits both sides without destroying either side. Would appear to be the logical choice. However, I have NEVER seen a union that is ready to take this approach.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Where do I sign up, don’t want to work anyway.