Unqualified poets, cranks, busybodies, former cricket and football players and other B-list celebs tells us to live like the Green Taliban

A reported 100 self-important but otherwise completely unqualified poets, cranks, busybodies,  former cricket and football players and other B-list celebs have signed up to a meaningless, mealy-mouthed campaign aimed at making ordinary New Zealanders feel bad about the Global Warming scam.

Wayne Smith says he is making a “moral stand” on climate change in joining 100 celebrated Kiwis in a major call to address New Zealand’s most critical risks.

The former All Black coach is among a high-powered cross section of public figures and thinkers who have lent their names to an appeal demanding politicians face up to what the group sees as the five biggest issues facing the nation.

You can read this list of attention-grabbing nonentities and not find a single person who would know global warming if it reared up and warmed their cans of Tui. The very first thing anyone from the climate change is our fault team say when anyone pipes up and calls them on their bullshit is “You’re not qualified, not peer-reviewed.yada yada yada”….Well same same for them. Wayne Smith should stick to coaching rugby, not espousing quackery and pseudo-science. 

Even more amusing, some of these newly indignant saviours of the planet last lurched out of well-deserved obscurity to attack a plan to save us from carbon – because it happened in their own backyards:

Project Hayes was a controversial wind farm proposed for the Lammermoor Range of Otago, New Zealand. The project was developed by Meridian Energy from 2006 to 2012 at a cost of $8.9 million.

Resource consents for Project Hayes were granted in 2007, however the decision was appealed to the Environment Court. The project was opposed by a number of people, including the former All Black Anton Oliver who is also opposing the nearby Mahinerangi Wind Farm. The respected painter Grahame Sydney and poet Brian Turner also opposed the wind farms. Meridian spent more than NZ$7.6 million on the consenting process

Well lo and behold, guess who now wants the rest of us to suck up grossly inefficient wind farms, watermelon taxes, forest-destroying bio-fuels, loony carbon trading schemes and inflated energy prices:

Names on the list

• Dame Anne Salmond – writer, anthropologist and New Zealander of the Year
• Wayne Smith – former All Black first five-eighths and assistant World Cup coach
• Dame Fiona Kidman – poet and writer
• Fiona Farrell – writer
• Celia Wade-Brown – Mayor of Wellington
• Sir Alan Mark – Professor Emeritus
• Grahame Sydney – artist
• Glenn Turner – retired cricketer
• Dr Philip Temple – writer
• Josh Kronfeld – former All Black
• Te Radar – comedian, activist and TV personality
• Chris Laidlaw – former All Black, Rhodes Scholar, Wellington councillor and broadcaster
• Keri Hulme – writer
• Tamsin Cooper – fashion designer and TV personality

Have a chat to your bro Glenn, and why should we give a toss for a cricketer’s ideas about climate.   And Grahame Sydney, stick to signing your paintings, you hypocrite.


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  • Bob

    The first question for these plonkers is – if NZ crushed all it cars and trucks tomorrow, shutdown anything gas or coal related and killed all the farm animals how much of the worlds emissions would be ‘saved’ and what difference would it make? The answer of course is FA in which case can they all please PO.

  • Gazzaw

    I can just see Grahame Sydney supporting the construction of an extensive windfarm on the skyline of his beloved Maniatoto. Hypocrite.

    • Pete George

      He has already campaigned against one.

  • J.M

    Not convinced re climate change, but nothing NZ does or doesn’t do will make any difference to the sum total. Sometimes NZers just don’t get how insignificant they are in the overall scheme of things.

  • kohibruce

    How many of them have given awayt fossil fueled cars and forsake taking planes to sports events and poetry readings? ?

  • SJ00

    Wayne Smith the guy that flew around the world god knows how many times with a 30-40 other people to play sport (which is really important in the grand scheme of the world). No one else is allowed to fly because that produces carbon emissions but its ok for him. Go fuck off Wayne.

    • budgieboy


      Smith would do more air travel in one rugby season than some people would do in a lifetime – literally! And now he wants the guvamitt to control the rest of us lowly plebs and stop us doing what he’s been doing (and will continue to do) for years.

      Piss off!

      • Gazzaw

        He is staying in 5star airconditioned luxury in South Africa as we speak after an exhausting trip in business class. His carbon footprint will be of elephantine proportions.

    • Patrick

      Think a DVT bubble may have made its way to Smith’s brain.

  • williamabong

    Shame really, there are some people on that list I credited with half a brain, shows just how wrong you can be.
    I guess the important thing here is probably keeping your name in print.
    Others on the list you would expect to see there, perhaps we should give them a tree each to live in, or maybe they’re not quite that committed.
    Another case of “do as I say, not do as I do”

    • onelaw4all

      No, you were right.
      They have half a brain.

  • blazer

    whos on the A List?Dont agree with their stance on global warming.,but they’re entitled to their beliefs,at least in a civilised democracy they are.

    • David Broome

      So blazer who paid for the advert? Did they all get together over organic mulled wine and decide they needed to take action and chipped in. You go and find that out and report back.

  • I see in the linked article these luddites still subscribe to the belief that the oceans will rise by 1 metre by 2100. Given we are 13 years into the century and have not seen 13cm of sea level rise, and the rate of any rise has been decreasing, when is this miracle metre going to appear?
    It is worth noting that the likes of Australia’s government funded alarmist Tim Flannery has

    not sold his beach side property in a panic.
    Whilst this group are entitled to its opinion, how dare they force it on the rest of us as it were fact. Off to the Film Actors Guild with the lot of them, useful idiots!!

  • Patrick

    Is there a single person on that list that is in anyway qualified to comment on Climate Change? Any engineers? scientists? More importantly are any of these halfwits in line to benefit from funding from Climate Change research funding?

  • Changeiscoming

    much like the same sex marriage debate really…a group of B listers came out supporting it.
    So what!!

  • Peter

    i guess he will be going to the Chief’s training by bike now!!

  • Anyone else remember Citizens for Rowling back in 1975? That didn’t work out for Labour, just as this effort to make us all feel guilty will rebound on the Greens…


  • Mr_Blobby

    Apologize for my ignorance but who are these self important nobody’s again.

  • David Broome

    I wonder what the collective airpoints are of those on the list like Josh Kronfield, Glenn Turner and artists who suck of the public tit.

  • starboard

    what a namby pamby bunch of hand wringing , tofu eating, sandal wearing bearded ( including the “women”) excrement composting nobody’s… te radar ffs !…kronfeld ffs !! Who do these people think they are ?