Wanted: One wealthy bogan

via drive.com.au

via drive.com.au

Do you have a spare mil lying around?  Then this may be what you want to spend it on

A collector has reportedly bid $900,000 on eBay for an ultra-rare Holden Monaro, a new record price for an Australian-made car sold at auction.

The car, one of only two roadgoing Monaro HRT 427s built, was listed on eBay for bids of more than $900,000 and its owner claims there is genuine interest in the car, with a bid tabled at the asking price.

The special Monaros had a race-bred 7.0-litre V8 with 427kW of power, although they had no rear seats, no radio and no air-conditioning.

No radio, no rear seats and no aircon?

No Sheilas!  

The seller, Paul Rammers, made his fortune in plastic injection moulding before investing in a variety of rare Australian muscle cars, including the 427.

Rammers says he chose to sell the car on eBay, rather than through a specialist auction house, because he will not accept less than $900,000 for the car. Experts contacted by Drive yesterday were sceptical the car would sell for that much. The previous record auction price for an Australian car is believed to have been $750,000 paid for a Falcon GT-HO in 2007, although there have been rumours that a GT-HO has changed hands privately for $1 million.

Classic car expert Chris Bowden, whose father owns one of the nation’s most comprehensive Australian muscle car collections, says the HRT 427 is a world-class supercar.

“It’s a hell of a car, I’ve driven it and it is a weapon,” he says.

“It’s a full-on, balls-out racecar… it really just blew me away.”

Rammers says he is reluctant to sell the car, but already has a replacement or two in mind.

“I love high performance cars and I love Holdens,” Rammers says.

Rammers.  Heh.


Source:  Fairfax Australia


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  • Vlad

    This weapon has been sold twice before – in April 2008, to Chooka Ryan for $920,000 and then in June 2010, to an un-named buyer (possibly Chooka sold it to Rammer) for $350,000. So Chooka took a bath and Rammer is looking to clean up, as long as he can find another bogan with a funny name & a ton of cash. No worries, plenty of them across the ditch. (tks wikipedia for the backgound info).

  • Richard McGrath

    What’s the bet Julia Gillard’s bogan partner is the bidder.

    • Dave

      No, Gillard wont let him get another after he pranged his car into the bollards in front of their garage yesterday. And, he will do exactly as Julia says

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Sorry, it’s still a fucking Holden. Sling the back seat back in and a pine-o-fresh on the mirror and it would make a great taxi.