Was he sober?

Watch this.

Winshinston Petersh wurrs his slurds, seems to lose track of his questions and then has a memory lapse. Oh and his wig appears to be discolouring and was definitely askew.

Not to mention the rambling, flapping arms and his in ability to stand without assistance.

What do you reckon?


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  • LabTested

    David Carter looks bloody weak and Winston’s team mates behind him (whoever they are) look bored out of their brains when their great leader speaks

  • Gazzaw

    Peters is a disgrace. The Herald Digipol is indicating the final demise of NZFP – can’t come soon enough.

    Carter has been pretty hopeless so far in the Speaker’s role. Indecisive, unsure at times and using his power to cut short any questions regarding his abilities. I have to admit sympathising with Trev who is repeatedly exposing Carter’s deficiencies. Mallard is in the frustrating position of knowing in his own mind that he would make a far better Speaker given his superior knowledge of Parliamentary procedures. In this rare instance I have to agree with Mallard.

    What is that strange garment hanging round Carter’s neck?

    • johnbronkhorst

      I do believe that Carter is improving, but still has a long way to go, to catch Lockwood. But do try to remember the previous 2 speakers Margret bloody Wilson, and johnathan young…..incompetent fool preceded by biased labourite that never force a minister to answer ANY question, there were more one word answers under these 2 clowns than ever in NZs parliamentary history. Mallard would be a ridiculous combination of these two. You can’t have a guy who has disrespected the process of parliament his WHOLE career, in charge of it’s rules and good order!!

      • Gazzaw

        Duck poacher turned gamekeeper maybe?

        • johnbronkhorst

          Not a leaf for the turning, more like word association……leopard….spots!!

      • Jonathan Hunt…

        • johnbronkhorst

          sorry…will edit.

    • Curious

      Would love to see that too but for Winston does have some points in many of his rants. He can’t be trusted but he does speak for a large number of voters who are feeling left out by National.

      As an aside where does a conservative vote now days. Colin Craig is just too left in some areas economically for me.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Peters is just being peters. When not making mountains out of mole hills…he is making the mole hills that he can later make into mountains.
    Lie upon lie from the man that can’t tell the difference between …NO and YES.
    Getting black and white mixed up so often, it must be very dangerous for him to use a zebra crossing!!!

  • cows4me

    He’s either half cut or has overdone his medication. Also needs a higher bench, perhaps he thinks it’s a pub leaner.

  • GregM

    What shits me is the fact that we are paying $1M plus per year to have Winston and his hangers on in the house. It’s a bloody disgrace when there is far better things our tax should be spent on.

  • Hmm, Brownlee twice refers to Peters as “The Minister”… prophetic perhaps?

  • Dave

    Winston is only spinning his wheels, doing enough to be noticed, so his constituents re-elect him, and he can keep the gravy train going. Have often observed him at Koru in Wgtn, self interest, and straight to the bar!!

  • Lion_ess

    ishter shpeaker? I think he’s had a dram or more.

  • Mediaan

    Not all that bad. Winston managed to get his ideas across, and they were points worth making if true.

    One must acknowledge that Canterbury has become a zone of construction industry shysters and incompetent blunderers. Anyone who starts a building project here now should lay in a good supply of four leaf clovers. You certainly can’t blame the various authoriities or Gerry

    Had a recommended electrician call to get two new double power points within a small area. We also needed a tidy-up of a previous cosmetic tidy-up of an electrical job.

    Result, for the first job, well done, but billed out to me at not far under a thousand dollars. Result, for the second job, much worse. Difficult to get hold of to discuss.

    Called in a third tradesman to clean up the second job. Perfect work and the bill less than fifty.

    See if you can guess which of them was successfully networked and getting earthquake work.

  • Mishi

    The blonde behind Brownlee is either bored or has been shagging all night.