Washed up rapper Scribe kicks Ryder while he’s down

How many careers you know die like this? not many, if any…

Washed up Christchurch rapper crapper Scribe Scribbler shows why he’s an unsuitable role model, and an irrelevant drop-kick desperately chasing the fading spotlight on his dying  dead career. The 33 year old former drug/alcohol/gambling addict that still behaves and dresses like a juvenile delinquent and who was arrested for public drunken disorder in 2011 showed everyone on social media just what a cock he is:


Scribbler hasn’t been let off the hook easily though, and there has been plenty of negative reaction about his desperate grab for attention to try and resurrect his career (which won’t work)




Of course those of you who may not know, Russell Brown and Steve Gray were talking about this:

Scribbler assault


Then he tries to down play his comments by implying that it was somehow the fault of the media and trying to paint himself the victim, only the media haven’t touched it and it was the public that were outraged and took exception to his comments, queue the back pedaling:


backpedalThen 2 days later: whoopsie



So he doesn’t condone violence but it’s all fine and dandy to stand by and watch someone get “KTFO”  (knocked the fuck out) and joke about it on social media 9 years later. Also noted that since the 2 arseholes that assaulted Ryder have been released on bail perhaps they could reside at Scribblers house since he has a soft spot for violent offenders. There is no excuse for assaulting somebody in such a savage way, regardless of what they may have said (this is not an implication that Ryder said anything provocative) and scumbags like this need to be dealt to properly by the justice system.

It is NOT ok. Get well soon Jesse.


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  • minarchist_kiwi

    This is just awful and shows the underclass’ real attitudes and beliefs; I am a bit concerned for the implications of what “act humble” means – that decent white people are supposed to be subservient to stupid ignorant maoris and islanders or else violence will follow. Chilling.

    • Rodger T

      That`s the thing,these fuckwits want you and I to act “humble” and show them some “respek” without themselves having to reciprocate that behaviour towards the rest of the us.
      Its just a shame these know-nothing gangsta twats are unable to do anything other than mimic the endless braindead shite they see on MTV and the E! channel.

    • Mr_Blobby

      This guy falls into the category of so stupid he actually thinks he is smart.

      Hey Scribble how many people want to be like you. Not many. If any.

      “The 33 year old former drug/alcohol/gambling addict that still behaves
      and dresses like a juvenile delinquent and who was arrested for public
      drunken disorder in 2011” Nothing former here still is a loser.

      How do you show “respek” for someone who is so far down the evolutionary ladder.

    • Stranger still that Ryder is in fact Maori….

  • oob

    Nope. I don’t buy it.

    Ryder has done something here.

    • Gazzaw

      Enough to beat him near to death? You need to come up with something more intelligent than that on this bog oob.

    • Lofty

      Yup he did something alright oob, he lay on the ground while getting the shit kicked out of him, and then for something else to do, he took nice ride in an ambulance, then he went into that nice big hotel, and was made to have a sleep by the hostesses that dress up like nurses, after they had a drug session.

      Are you the scribbler?

    • StacyMcNaught

      I could understand if, hypothetically speaking, someone had said ” hey Jessie, thought you weren’t supposed to be drinking” and he replied “its my life, piss off “. and then 1 on 1 they had a scuffle over it. But nothing he could have said needed group bashing like that. nothing. Gutless fuckers, and the people that watched too.

    • Luc Jorieux

      You are guessing oob. Give the guy a break, now I will guess ,your name is oob because it stands for obnoxious old bastard

      • Gazzaw

        ………..or ‘out of brains’.

    • Grizz30

      Even if he had, did he need to get the bash?

  • Dr Wang

    Scribe just proves what many of us have always known – he is a total meathead, who is thick enough to believe all the bullshit hype that he is some sort of minor “star”. Drawling a few dumb nursery rhymes does not make you an artist “Scribe”, it just illustrates your arrested development.

  • Anonymous4001

    So he wants people to be more humble, but is known for a song that brags “how many dudes do you know roll like this?”

    • starboard

      ..how bizaare you are scribbler..

  • David

    Scribe you are an ignorant jackass. Ryder was savagely and cowardly attacked from behind. Please pack your bags and leave Christchurch you do not belong here.

  • Travis Poulson

    In a moment of mood swings and depleted intelligence, Steve Gray labelled me “vile and racist” for this post.

    Erm, ok? Where’s the racism? Calling out a tool in public is racist because he has brown skin? the mind boggles.

    I guess Steve completely missed the the main point that beating people up is not ok regardless of your colour. Note: Ryder offenders were both white.

    • Steve Gray also calls me homophobic…which is strange because I’m not afraid of anyone let alone poofs.

      • mick le prick

        Steve Gray is another feral washed up tv presenter

    • this blog often uses colourful terms for indiginous people, i dislike it that was my meaning, and sourcing stories off my twitter feed? what, you think you’re the herald now?

      • minarchist_kiwi

        Is this the same Steve Gray who was sacked from a job where all he had to do was give film reviews? who cares what he thinks? he is even less of a celebrity than scribe!

      • Newflash Steve, you aren’t the only person offended by Scribbler, and also newsflash Twitter is pretty much public…whining about it is just lame

      • Travis Poulson

        Only I didn’t use “colourful terms for indigenous people” I mocked his name. How dare you accuse me of racism. Also, not one thing on this post is sourced off your twitter feed. Not one. The fact that someone else retweets one of your tweets and someone else sees it and does a proper post on it (not just screenshot a tweet with 1 line of text like you did) doesn’t make it sourced from your feed.

        Again, how dare you accuse me of racism.

        • Scribe also used the hashtag #crusader which is seen by some as a racist / anti-Islamist term

      • williamabong

        What sory of colour did you have in mind?, is black alright,

      • Hazards001

        Which indigenous people do you have in mind? I’m an indigenous NZ’er, I just happen to be a white one. I’ve seen plenty of colourful terms for them on here!
        You need to get over yourself. I re read Travis’s post 3 times to find the racist over tones you are alluding to and can find nothing.
        Sounds like another whinny liberal bitch to me.

      • Joe_Bloggs

        Stevo, this blog uses colourful terms for all sorts of cocksmokers, indigenous and otherwise. But to resort to playing the racism card? That’s pretty fucking pathetic even for you. Tatamount to Godwin’s Law – inappropriate, inordinate, and hyperbolic.

        Oh, and BTW, Stevo, the story’s not about you, it’s about a lame-arse has-been who endorsed violence. You’re just a side-bar.

        • Teletubby

          Steve Gray has made a living out of being a victimised minority, screaming racism about a story that doesn’t mention colour once comes naturally to him.

      • starboard

        You give me the shits ya mincing queen. Rabid homosexual of the worst kind.

    • williamabong

      Racism, now there’s an interesting concept, would that like someone being advantaged because of the colour of their skin, so having separate representation in parliament, and preferential entry to a university would be examples of racism, just helps to clarify it for me.

    • Bunswalla

      That depleted intelligence thing? Not really a moment, unless it’s one of those “moments that last a lifetime”

  • Ronnie Chow

    Ryder , stay out of pubs , stay off drinking , put some meaning into your life .

    The bottom of the bottle contains an invitation for a replacement . . I’m am not at all happy that you got smashed , so get well and reflect , mate .. John Barlycorn is not for you .

    • Gazzaw

      Ronnie, the indications are that he wasn’t smashed and who knows may not have been drinking at all. I don’t use alcohol out of choice (aside from a very occasional glass of a very good red) but that doesn’t stop me from going out for a nights drinking with my mates (they love it as they have a permanent sober driver!). I agree totally with you though – Jesse has an addiction problem and just one drink is one too many and it will take him right back to square one. If he has been drinking again then hopefully his enforced hospitalisation and convalescence period will give him some time to reflect and get back on the wagon again.

      • Travis Poulson

        It’s a sad day when a sportsman can’t even go out with his team after their final match of the season to celebrate.

        • Gazzaw

          Sure is Trav. I hold the MSM to blame for a lot of this. They have vilified Jesse constantly in the past as a troublemaking boozer and this has made him a target for mindless yobs. Sure, he has not helped himself and has not kept himself out of the limelight but hopefully both parties will step back, reflect and create the space that he needs. Same argument for Zac Guildford.

        • Ronnie Chow

          My story . I was drinking jugs at the Ories in Miramar , using $1 notes for drinking games , driving my Mark 1 Cortina with the fucked exhaust to parties , them driving home dropping mates off on the way . At the age of 15 .
          Now , rugby players celebrate by drinking at clubs and pubs , sometimes using a designated driver .

          So , what’s changed . If you don’t drink , ,you’re not a man

  • williamabong

    Just another talentless tree dweller, what is incredulous is 85,000 dickheads bought this dopey cunts “music “, the only good thing being that after an initial burst of success, just so he/she/it had enough money for drugs and booze, the career has been in freefall.
    Another pathetic attempt to blow air into a career that is fucked, just a shame the dickwad had to comment on someone elses misfortune

  • Patrick

    Just another wanna be gangsta tough dude prancing about with his pants hanging off his arse f’ing & blinding. Real tough guy.

  • How many dudes you know roll like this and think that Jesse Ryder deserved his kicking?

    Not many, if any…


  • Anyone know if any local feminists are up in arms over the “victim blaming” going on by certain people over Ryder “having done something to deserve it”? If this had been a Woman getting raped you know what their reaction would be….just curious.

  • Mr_V4

    They let this detritus into the red zone to film a music video while business owners had to wait.

    • Patrick

      Hoping a building would fall on him probably

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