‘We just want to get on with rebuilding Christchurch’ – reader

A reader emails:


You may have picked up on this already but if you haven’t here’s what the time wasters are up to in Christchurch.

Most people just want to get on with rebuilding the city and good on Roger Sutton for telling these idiots to get lost!

ThIs is the article he is talking about where the Green Taliban and Labour tried to hold up the joint for a protest.

Political events are banned in the Christchurch red zone, says earthquake recovery chief Roger Sutton.

The red-zone cordon became the stage for a piece of political street theatre today, as Labour and Green Party politicians tried to access Cathedral Square for a protest.

Green Party MPs Eugenie Sage and Mojo Mathers, along with Labour MP Ruth Dyson were originally granted access to lay a wreath at a stone cairn in Cathedral Square to mark the “loss of democracy” in Christchurch. 

But they were turned away by Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) officials at the cordon checkpoint.

Sage claimed the refusal “highlighted the culture of secrecy” in government.

But their original request for red-zone access did not refer to political action and said only they wanted to inspect the stone cairn.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Definition of Democracy in Labour’s terms:

    3 bints being able to hold up the rebuild of thousands of peoples lives and dreams in pursuit of a stupid political prank.

  • maninblack

    Everyone i know in chch just wants progress.. They are getting fucked of with polictial processes like this holding it up.

  • Patrick

    Martial law – shoot them.

  • Honcho

    What gets me is there is no secrecy, if they really want red zone access then they could call allied workforce and pick up a hard hat and hi-vis … Might not appeal to those bints as a full days hard work would be expected, something none of them would have ever done in their lives.
    Shits me these morons get paid so much more then honest people who do real work.

  • Richard

    Roger Sutton should be the next GG. God knows what ChCh would be like without him

  • paddles83

    I noted that only one half of the pissed woman were going to attend was Daziel to pissed to get off the couch

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Labour-Green combo rocks!! They will take NZ to great heights in the future!! I am sure Kiwis don’t have that low an IQ to vote them in 2014….

    • That would be worth a bet.

  • williamabong

    Total bullshit, any thing that has Sages name any where near it will be a commie Green party wind up.
    Having dealt with Sage when she rode high on the Forest and Bird horse she is a devious lying, manipulative, dangerous, tree hugging troublemaker, who when it looks like she is about to come second, never misses the opportunity to run to the media with a diluted twisted version of the gospel according to Sage.
    And of course our media at large now carry an exemption for research swallow everything spat out by the greens, because “they’re saving the planet, they wouldn’t lie to us”

  • Cadwallader

    The regular updates I receive from CHCH is that the city is abuzz with re-construction. I am told that the wages for builders are akin to those paid in the OZ construction sector and the future for workers and the city alike is sound and rosy. The leftie whiners propped up by the mindless media are sour that yet again progress under the current government is self-evident. Sage and her ilk are boring and pointless.

    • cruiseyman

      Yep it’s flat out down here. We’ve had to get some tradies in this week to do some plumbing and electrical work at our shop, MAN what a mission! These guys are so busy they can pretty much charge what they like and I was tempted to fly a sparky down from Nelson as it was going to be cheaper! One sparky I spoke to said he had been stoppped by someone at the traffic lights asking if he was able to do some work (he wasn’t) Awesome for those in the trades and construction businesses for sure, not so much for us when we have to pay they $$ (not EQC related work) but that’s just supply and demand for you and our business will also benefit in the long run too. Hopefully there won’t be too many playing the price gouging game though.