Weekly Herald Bombs summary posts

Only the better ones.  We’re not even bothering with all the spelling mistakes any more.

Herald quiz

No idea myself here.


Woman WOMAD whats the difference

Womad, in case you are wondering.












Normally I can understand why a certain image may have been picked.  In this case, how do you get a sheep photo linked to  a Pope, and Argentine president or the Vatican?   If you know, enlighten in the comments please.


As per usual, Stuff has a Herald Bombs moment, although this is at a much more sensible frequency

stuff copped


And here is a Herald Bomb out in the wild





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  • maninblack

    Herald bombs are fucking halarious!! haha

  • Orange

    Anyone notice that article about the Auckland earthquake they kept using a picture of someone’s broken driveway and claiming it was caused, not by the dry weather, but by the earthquake. Such a crack up.

  • “And here is some Herald Bombs”, I guess you need a proof-reader too, Cam

    • Are you offering? Th Herald has an army of people, “trained and skilled” and they make an unconscionable amount of errors…here is it is just me and Pete and Travis…all with full time jobs as well.

      • No thanks, and I do understand where you’re coming from. Like you, errors in spelling and grammar make me cringe. But on a post exposing others’ flaws, it would help your own case to get it right yourself.

        • I don’t have a case as you put it…the Herald claims that it is a newspaper fo record…and I am showing that they are not…I am not claiming to be pure in some sort of catholic-esque hypocrisy moment.

          I make mistakes, many of them don;t get picked up, but then again for all intents and purposes i am a lone wolf…the Herald and any other large scale media outlet is not.

      • Hey, I see you changed it :-) Wish it was that easy in the print media!

    • parorchestia

      Cam is using it as a collective noun – it is certainly appropriate.