Weird shit confiscated by Customs

10 human eye balls floating in a jam jar at?Stansted Airport in 2007



Hollowed out onions were used to try and smuggle???163,000 worth of cocaine by?a Harvard-educated African Prince at Heathrow Airport.


Pills filled with powdered human baby flesh found by customs officials in South Korea,?who seized thousands of smuggled drug capsules filled with powdered flesh from dead babies, which some people believe can cure disease.




Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd got into trouble over a jar of Vegemite (aka bottled shit) on his way from Mexico to New York?address United Nations General Assembly, was stopped at US Customs and questioned over the mystery brown paste, which authorities apparently feared could represent a potentially dangerous liquid.





200 hundred Tarantulas were confiscated by Dutch customs officials at?Schiphol airport in Amsterdam after they were found hidden in a suitcase on a flight from Peru.