Whaletech: Where to next for Apple’s iOS?

Cult of Mac writes

Apple has a long history of naming its new versions of the OS X operating system after successively larger cats, but after eleven years of this, Cupertino’s got a problem on their hands: they’ve pretty much run out of big Earth cats.

Far beyond the Oort cloud, however, there are even bigger and more ferocious cats on the loose. Feel the magic and hear the roar of OS X Lion-O, Third Earth’s most popular operating system.

Featuring Snarf, your Mac’s cowering new digital sidekick, revolutionary Sight Beyond iSight technology, and i of Thundera compatibility, OS X Lion-O is the best Mac operating system yet.

via cultofmac.com

via cultofmac.com

They have a good sense of humour over at the Cult of Mac, and they’re even running a competition as to what users think the next iOS mascot should be.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course!


via cultofmac.com
via cultofmac.com

I think iOS Grumpy Cat is an obvious winner.


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  • Michael

    I vote Mac OS X – Voltron.

  • Maybe they will use smaller cats, have they used Lynx or Ocelot?

  • Bob Prangnell

    You don’t seem to know the difference between iOS and OS X. The former is the Apple’s mobile OS for iPhones and iPads, the latter the OS for Macs. But of course, you’re only a simple blogger so why should we expect accuracy?