What are they going to fight with?

The Argies are all mouth and no trousers, especially that silly bint that runs the show.

The broken-arsed Argies haven’t got the balls to man up for a decent fight:

Argentina will continue to press its claim to the Falkland Islands despite the “illegal” referendum on the territory’s sovereignty due next week, the country’s ambassador to London said on Monday.

Alicia Castro declared that the “100 per cent predictable” plebiscite would change nothing.

On Monday, the Falkland Islanders will vote on whether to remain a British Overseas Territory in a referendum supported by the Government as a visible expression of the Islanders’ right to self determination. 

But Argentina argues that they have no such right and the views of the Islanders are irrelevant to the dispute over sovereignty. Ms Castro made clear that Argentina would hold to this position even if the Islanders were to vote in a future referendum to join Argentina.

“This referendum in no way changes the essence of the Malvinas question and its predictable result will not bring an end to the dispute,” she said.

Instead, the ambassador argued that the views of the Islanders were a thorn in the side of Britain’s relations with Argentina and South America as a whole.

“We think it’s irrational that this very small community should obstruct relations between two sovereign nations and, more than that, should obstruct the relations between the United Kingdom and the whole Latin American region,” said Ms Castro.

The last time the Argies tried it on over the Falklands their main ship turned arse up with a couple of Brit fish in her gullet and their army demonstrated how to march backwards.


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  • parorchestia

    It’s a distraction aimed at diverting the attention of the populace away from the crap job the Government has made of running Argentina. We see it here in, eg, Labour’s attempts to raise public anger against partial asset sales, overlooking the inconvenient fact that Labour, when in power, saw the greatest sell off of government assets ever. And then we didn’t need to (sell that is) whereas now we do.

  • Whale – you are being a bit harsh on the Argies – especially their soldiers. Some of them fought damn hard and the bravery of their A4 pilots cannot be questioned when they were embarking on what they pretty much knew were one-way missions. On the ground they were mostly conscripts fighting hardened professional soldiers. If a few more of the Argie bombs had armed themselves instead of crashing right through British ships the butcher’s bill to retake the islands would have been a lot greater than it was.

    That said – Britain wont give the Falklands up until another left wing government is in power and gets cold feet.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Argentine armed forces are a crock of shit these days. Most of their shipps cannot put to sea, their army is a shadow of its former self and the air Force is mainly A4s still.
    With 1000+ battle hardened troops stationed onm the ISlands + 4 or more Typhoons and a sub parked off shore there is no way they can retake them.

    • I agree. They couldn’t take and hold them in 1981.

  • peterwn

    Argies were doing fairly well in negotiations with a pacifist leaning Labour government until a Whitehall bureaucrat who was appointed Governor turned feral (after exposure to the locals) and got Maggie Thatcher’s ear. That Governor became a life long supporter of the Falklands locals until his recent death.