What is Russel Norman going to say about Shearer?

What did Russel Norman and the Greens say about Banksie and undeclared donations?

I wonder if they will maintain their sanctimony, and criticise David Shearer for his forgetfulness?

On 13 September 2012 Norman had this to say:

“Banks has no credibility and was now damaging the credibility of the National-led government”

So what about Shearer? 

Then in parliament he raised issues about the ethics of John Banks and John Key and why John banks hasn’t yet been sacked.

What then about Shearer?

In the NZ Herald Norman said that Banks should resign:


Greens co-leader Russel Norman said Mr Banks should resign. “The Prime Minister should show some backbone and sack John Banks.”


So what about Shearer?


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Maybe we should all do our own checking…..Each pick one MP, look up their declarations. Then search the companies register, land registry etc…to see if they are being truthful.

    • PlanetOrphan

      Mmmmmm, truthfull ….


      1. A person who is professionally involved in politics.
      2. A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement

      Thanks Google :-)

    • RightOfGenghis

      John, you’re onto something there. Will it take you long?

      • sandynobb

        Register is here http://www.parliament.nz/NR/rdonlyres/DFA6C21E-69A8-433F-8BA9-956431281F7F/222223/register2012_3.pdf

        Dr Russel NORMAN (Green, List)
        6 Real property – Family home (jointly owned), Vogeltown, Wellington

        7 Superannuation schemes – Fidelity Life Ethical KiwiSaver

        8 Debtors – Kiwibank – term deposit

        9 Creditors – Kiwibank – mortgage

        • Dave

          Well, thats what he has declared, what about all the other lots of $50K stashed here and there, knowing the greenie, its probably buried under the compost bin!!

          • Gazzaw

            Or growing in the attic.

        • geoff3012

          Why would you have a term deposit when you still have a mortgage?

          • Honcho

            Interest paid on the money borrowed to finance the property is tax deductable. Ozzy Russ will have a kiwi accountant looking over his affairs.

          • Callum

            Interest earned on the term deposit is taxable, mortgage on the property is ONLY deductible if it used for business purposes. Family home is NOT deductible.

          • peterwn

            A mortgage on a family home is deductable if the loan was taken out for business purposes. It is the purpose of the loan that counts for deductibility, not what the loan is secured with. Generally such a loan would be made direct to the business with owner and spouse guaranteeing the loan by having a ‘charge’ on their house. Also possible to mortgage or increase the mortgage on your house to help buy a couple of flats – interest on that amount is deductible.

          • Callum

            No business interests listed, only asset is family home. Therefore reply to Honcho stands, interest on money borrowed to finance the property is NOT deductible but interest on term deposit IS taxable.
            In general situations yes you are correct, need to be careful how structured though to ensure it is not an artificial construct and therefore open to challenge.

          • Honcho


          • jonno1

            Agreed, I retain a mortgage (but no loan) on my family home for precisely that purpose, as it makes me a “cash” buyer. But that can’t possibly apply to Norman’s family home, as Callum says.

          • Cadwallader

            He may still owe the Bank the $$$ he borrowed to buy his printing press? Oh wait…..clatter, clatter, zip zip…$$$$$

        • Pissedoffyouth

          No wonder he wants inflation, then he can pay off his mortgage faster…

      • johnbronkhorst

        jesus …you don’t want me to wipe your arse as well do you….the operative word above is………………………………WE!!!!!

        • RightOfGenghis

          No, I’m still okay with the aforementioned activity but come back again in a few years. However you do seem to have a lot of time on your hands…

  • kohibruce

    What a dilemma. Shearer as leader is labour’s gift to the melons and the Government.

  • Gazzaw

    Are there any readily available sound bites of Campbell, Garner & Soper?

  • island time

    I would like to think that after the next elections Russell Norman just becomes another irrelevant person who wasted time in Parliament.

  • Steve R

    The green parties silince on this topic was loud on one news.

  • Dave

    Norman wont be saying anything, he will fade in behind Shearers coat tail and let Shearer take all the flak, then miraculously appear as the great savior once Shearer is dumped. He is a cunning Aussie rat.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    How can a Deputy PM criticise his PM? Norman will keep quiet and pretend that this never happened bros….

  • AnonWgtn

    Unfortuantely Norman and Greenpeace will not disappear at the election.

    With MMP and 6 left wing parties they cannot lose, and will go on to make a considerable influence over the Labour Party.
    Labour will give away anything to be in power and Norman will take a huge pound of flesh in order that Labour can think they won the election.

  • Troy

    The Greens, particularly Norman and Turei will suck what ever flopping dick there is in the Labour Party to ensure that their cosy relationship continues and endures beyond the next election (win or lose).