Whinging lemon sucking assholes

People who move into houses next to green space and then complain to the council that the noise coming from the use of that green space is upsetting their quality of life need to be exposed for the utter bastards that they are.

Noise complaints have throttled sports teams’ use of a $2.1 million artificial turf pitch in west Auckland and forced Auckland Council’s parks department to seek a resource consent for hushed-up games.

The turf pitch at Parrs Park opened for use in 2011 to the joy of sporting clubs struggling with a city-wide shortage of fields they could book for use in all weather and at night.

Parrs Park’s turf is used for football games and training and some rugby training during the week and at weekends. But this summer, the gates have been locked on Sundays.

Ross Bannan, whose son plays rep soccer and used to train on the Tiger Turf field on Sundays, said in a letter to the Herald training was now on less suitable fields elsewhere in west Auckland.

“I learned that because of complaining neighbours the field is unable to be used.

“This seems ridiculous to me as the fields have always been there and these people bought their homes knowing sports were played there.”


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Lowest common denominator …

    Lack of communication ?
    Language on the field maybe ?
    Did the council even try and talk to these people ?

    • Hazards001

      What? Talk to which people? Here’s a lowest common denominator for you….the whinging fucking wankers that move in next to schools, parks, race tracks (Western Springs), sewage treatment ponds (North shore) Rugby Grounds (Eden Park) then complain about the noise the smell or the dust…seriously…you are attempting to defend these fuckwits?

      Some of these small minded cunts have cost the city millions and millions. The Eden park load of wankers for one. The tossers at Western Springs are no better and now this bunch of knobs. Seriously if you think the solution to these fucktards is the council talking with them it isn’t.

      The solution is the council getting it’s head out of it’s arse and telling people to do due diligence when they buy or rent a property and if the existing offender..in this case a sports ground that was already there then tough noogies to the whiner!

      • PlanetOrphan


  • Joe Bloggs

    The same shit has been happening at Western Springs for years – damned shame

    • Tom

      Another reason Bill Buckley should get NZer of the year

  • steve and monique

    Have had the sad job of doing noise control in the Waikato area.Had complaints about dripping taps,infants in daycare(crying,playing),couple having sex,Churches(singing)and numerous complaints regards agriculture(day to day running,etc,etc.Councils have very defined rules regarding noise pollution in their cities/towns/country.Sadly the whingers out there will always bitch and moan.and the council will allow stupidity to rule. Sports fields should have a time limit/amnesty regards noise,and when complaints are ok. Everywhere in the country has to put up with these whingers,so good luck to winning as it seems the minority wins everytime

  • Gazzaw

    Its highly probable that the five protestors are hanging out for a deal rather than closure of the facility as two properties have already had acoustic fences provided by the council.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I cant believe how piss arsed weak kneed the council have become over places like this and Western Springs. I agree that if you move next to these places you would be aware its a public space and should just get over your sanctimonious attitude. Im sure this hasnt happened to Eden Park, why, when its surrounded by houses.

    • Hazards001

      Eden park has cost the rate payers millions due to the local Eden Park Board and right now they are erecting some kind of sound fencing…again.

  • James Stephenson

    If you want peace and quiet at all times, Waikikamukau is thataway…

  • Pissedoffyouth

    You all forgot Whenuapai airbase

    • Hazards001

      Ummm..no. I suspect you are talking about WAG and that’s a different issue. They already live there and were aware an air force base operated in the area and to the best of my knowledge lived with it. What they were against was transforming the Air Force base into a domestic and possibly even an international airport to save the few well heeled north shore supporters that don’t actually live under the flight paths a trip to Manukau. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Tom

        Transforming an airport into an airport? Riiiiiggghhhht.

        A spread-out city such as Auckland, with a harbour in the middle, could use an airport at either end. Smaller domestic aircraft in and out won’t make nearly as much noise as a Herc or Orion anyway.

        And I don’t see what being well-heeled has to do with it either.

        • Hazards001

          People that aren’t well heeled don’t tend to fly many places.The ones most pushing for it were the business people that fly regularly such as a mate of mine.

          Outside of which you missed the point which was that the people that moved next to an air force base weren’t complaining about it being an air force base. They were complaining about it being turned into a commercial airport.
          The original post refers to people that are complaining about something that was there first. Big difference I’d say.

  • You would think the locality around Eden Park would be in hot demand by sports fans who love the idea of falling out of bed and being at the game…with no parking issues to boot. By natural attrition over decades every resident around EP should either be a mad keen user of the park…or someone who doesn’t care a shit about crowd noise etc which is why they moved there.I worked the Warriors on Saturday and thought “you lucky bastards!” as I walked past these houses to the park.

  • Don Pemberton

    Between midnight and 7 am is the only time that noise complaints be acted on ffs

  • Kacanga

    Fucking Nimbys