Who were the three Argie loving ratbags who voted no?

The hunt is on in the Falkland Islands for the three ratbags who voted no. The British media are looking hard for the Argie loving scum:

After the victory – the speculation.

So who exactly are the ‘Falklands Three’, the trio of dissenters who voted ‘No’ to the Falkland Islands remaining as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom? 

That was the inevitable subject of conversation in Port Stanley, together with satisfaction at the resounding victory for the Yes-vote in a referendum on the future of the territory. Of 1,518 votes cast during the two-day poll, 1,513 came out in favour of maintaining the islands’ current political status, representing 99.8 per cent of the vote. One ballot paper was rejected and one remained unaccounted for after the count on Monday night. That left three people who desire either immediate independence from Britain or a transfer of sovereignty, presumably to Argentina, which claims the islands as its own.

Stanley is a small place – the entire Falklands enjoy a population of only 2,900 permanent and guest residents – and most things do not remain secret for long, but a secret ballot is a secret ballot.

“There will be some people who will do their best to find out,” says John Fowler of the islands’ newspaper, Penguin News. “I hope they don’t succeed because those three people added a certain validity to the whole exercise.”



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  • Mr_Blobby

    You will probably find it was 3 coffin cheaters who got confused and ticked the wrong box, 1 was used for a toilet emergency, and one conscientiously objected that there was a vote at all.

  • Gulag

    Leave the three alone, isn’t an overwhelming majority enough. What happened to freedom of choice?

    • Travis Poulson

      Leave the three alone? So you’re all for freedom of choice, but not freedom of speech?

      • Gulag

        What kind of reasoning is that? You are assuming too much.

  • cows4me

    They would probably vote Melon to if the Falkland’s had a party, picking young , stupid and a love for shit stirring.

  • peterwn

    It is unwise to try and track them. This could help open up claims of ‘undue influence’ in the conduct of the election. What is surprising is that there were not more eg 20 or 100 or so.

  • JimboBug

    Not necessarily Argie lovers … they could have simply wanted full independence.

  • sandynobb

    Wussel, Hone, & Hulun.

    • niggly

      Meteria would also be in the mix.

      If only 3 then Hone can step out and let the useful honkie idiots do his bidding!

  • GregM

    The dissenters actually add providence to the vote which is a good thing. Proves it wasn’t a jack up.