Who writes this rubbish? Media jump the shark over Novopay

TVNZ has an article about Novopay, I swear to go it must have been written by an embedded union flunky. Look at this:

A new bug in the beleaguered Novopay system could see education staff sacked at the end of the school term.

The glitch is threatening to terminate contracts on April 21, many of them the contracts of permanent teaching staff.

Epsom Girls Grammar School is among the affected schools, with 21 staff members scheduled for termination.

Really? A software system can over-ride legal and statutory obligations, not to mention contractual employment conditions and unilaterally “sack” staff. What a load of horseshit. However it doesn’t get any better.

“My concern is that even if we do send the right paperwork down there will be a timelapse before they actually deal with it, so they will be terminated on the 21st of April.”

The bug came to light on Friday when Auckland Primary Principals Association president Jill Corkin sent out an email to alert her members.

“A number of permanent staff in some schools have termination dates loaded on the Novopay system of 21 April 2013,” she wrote.

“This appears to be a loading error on Talent 2’s behalf.”

As of tonight, 24 school principals have reported a total of 111 staff potentially in the firing line at the end of the term.

Again total horsehit. Does the?principal?not understand basic employment law. The staff won;t be terminated you stupid cows…there is a possibility that the payments to them MAY be terminated, but the issue is highlighted and now it can be fixed.

“You’ve got all the people affected who are wondering if their job is secure, you’ve got the staff in the schools who have to deal with the paperwork to get it fixed,” she said.

“You’ve got the accounts staff who are having to lend money, and then of course you’ve got all the people at Novopay whose work is going to be distracted again because there’s yet another problem that they have to deal with on top of the huge workload they deal with already.”

Corkin said teachers just needed a decent payroll system.

“I know they’re out there cause we had one before,” she said.

The system before? The one the unions mounted years of campaigns against…that one?