Who writes this rubbish? Media jump the shark over Novopay

TVNZ has an article about Novopay, I swear to go it must have been written by an embedded union flunky. Look at this:

A new bug in the beleaguered Novopay system could see education staff sacked at the end of the school term.

The glitch is threatening to terminate contracts on April 21, many of them the contracts of permanent teaching staff.

Epsom Girls Grammar School is among the affected schools, with 21 staff members scheduled for termination.

Really? A software system can over-ride legal and statutory obligations, not to mention contractual employment conditions and unilaterally “sack” staff. What a load of horseshit. However it doesn’t get any better.

“My concern is that even if we do send the right paperwork down there will be a timelapse before they actually deal with it, so they will be terminated on the 21st of April.”

The bug came to light on Friday when Auckland Primary Principals Association president Jill Corkin sent out an email to alert her members.

“A number of permanent staff in some schools have termination dates loaded on the Novopay system of 21 April 2013,” she wrote.

“This appears to be a loading error on Talent 2’s behalf.”

As of tonight, 24 school principals have reported a total of 111 staff potentially in the firing line at the end of the term.

Again total horsehit. Does the principal not understand basic employment law. The staff won;t be terminated you stupid cows…there is a possibility that the payments to them MAY be terminated, but the issue is highlighted and now it can be fixed.

“You’ve got all the people affected who are wondering if their job is secure, you’ve got the staff in the schools who have to deal with the paperwork to get it fixed,” she said.

“You’ve got the accounts staff who are having to lend money, and then of course you’ve got all the people at Novopay whose work is going to be distracted again because there’s yet another problem that they have to deal with on top of the huge workload they deal with already.”

Corkin said teachers just needed a decent payroll system.

“I know they’re out there cause we had one before,” she said.

The system before? The one the unions mounted years of campaigns against…that one?


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  • Orange

    The previous one was a bit dodgy, required lots of phone time to correct stuff, and didn’t have particularly useful pay slip information.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Hence why they got the DCM and a new provider was sort…

      • Rockfield

        Datacom gave notice of withdrawing support for the incumbent bespoke system.
        Tenders were called for a replacement, Datacom proposed the PeopleSoft payroll solution, Talent2 proposed Novopay.
        Novopay was selected and an unmitigated disaster was launched.
        Missing was a whole shit load of oversight.

        • Thank you Labour ministers who signed it off

          • P1LL

            I think you will find that Labour sent out the tenders but National signed off on the contract .

            How would you feel if the Truth fucked up your pay so badly that you could not pay your rent , feed your family and contributed to you being evicted ??

            Cameron can you remember your posts against your insurance company ? you said it was their fault that you defaulted on your mortgage , that was subjective but we all felt bad for you.

            These teachers effected are still working teaching our / your children even though some cant make mortgage payments and some are reduced to accepting food handouts.

            I think you have a misdirected hatred of teachers.

            If you know how hard a dedicated teacher works it would change your perception of the truly dedicated teachers in a heart beat.

          • pidge

            The contract was signed by the Ministry of Education in August 2008, so that would be Chris Carter who signed the contract. (see http://www.minedu.govt.nz/~/media/MinEdu/Files/TheMinistry/NovopayProject/ProjectInitiation/Part2ProjectInitiationDocument.pdf)

          • P1LL

            “Page Not Found

            Ooops.. sorry but we were unable to find the page you requested.

            This could be because:

            the page may no longer be available

            you may have typed an incorrect URL

            the link to this page may be broken (we check these regularly so we hope this is not the case)”

          • pidge

            Ah, trailing ) included in the link, silly me for closing my parentheses right at the end of the link!


          • Teachersrock

            Wrong. Thank you National ministers who, despite seeing alll the many errors during the test run and having the chance to say, No, go fix it, but didn’t.

  • blokeintakapuna

    One doesn’t even need to read between the lines to hear the shrilling and faux angst from the union mouthpieces.

    If only the unions paid their fair share of taxes though to pay for things like decent payroll systems- yes you, McCarten – then NZinc could afford a decent payroll system. Blame the unions I say!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Bring in merit based pay…problem solved!!! We wouldn’t need to pay any of these halfwits anything. They are only competent in their own imaginations.

  • JonathanP

    While the media have gone a bit retarded over it it certainly would be a hell of a fright to see those words relating your employment.

    Just out of curiosity and I apologize if its to far off topic but how many people here had teachers in their school years that are still teachers?
    Do you have such a strong disliking for them as you do other teachers?
    Are you highly educated by those teachers or not so?

    I think its fair to say some of the old school teachers are still teaching well or trying but its the new teachers with “everyone wins” attitudes and the like that are letting the system down a bit (or a lot depending on where you sit on the matter).

    • Cadwallader

      “…a bit retarded…” Yep TVNZ to be sure! (Not excluding TV3 and Nat Radio.)

  • Pharmachick

    Whale, this was a sensationalising of the truth … Unfortunately, NovoPay is threatening to stop paying some teachers… If you’re no longer being paid = termination. I know it seems like semantics, but some of these teachers have been treated incredibly shabbily by the Govt., the Ministry of Education, and not least; those effing useless twats at Novopay (you know, the ones with no real payroll system, no actual beta-test for their software etc). I’d also like to draw everyone’s attention to the poor school secretaries (nationwide) who are dealing with this [disclaimer, Pharmachick’s maternal unit is a School secretary]. These school secretaries have received ZERO overtime, they have been phoned, texted and e-mailed constantly from worried staff (YES, even on Xmas day) and they have spent hours and hours on the phone to Novopay and otherwise engaged trying to sort out the most ridiculous of paperwork labyrinths.

    When does it end?

    • What about those poor school secretaries who refuse to use the online system, instead submit manual forms from the old system…because that is the way they have always done it

      • Pharmachick

        LOL that’s a really great point! In Town X, they have a twice-yearly secretaries dinner meeting. Maternal unit turned up stressed out and all ready to bitch about NovoPay because she’s had *real* problems with the reconciling, payments, payroll etc….. and heard stories of 65+ women refusing to learn ‘that fandangled computerers systems’ and why can’t we just facsimile the documents in. Maternal unit left said dinner meeting approaching the shade of PURPLE.
        Look – there’s quite a few of out-of-date and deserve “redundancy” or “retirement” school secretaries that have stuffed this up … but …
        The Novopay system has still really, *really* let everyone down.
        Including maternal unit’s school that has been variously paying a couple of teachers out of their bulk fund (or whatever it is called these days) and also maternal unit’s “School account” that accepts over payments from teachers and teacher-aids so that they wont be unable to repay in future.

      • le sphincter

        They still use manual forms because the online system is crap and the overloaded call centre tells them to do so
        Trying to rewrite history?

        Tell us who continued with a seriously late system and dumped a pilot or soft launch so as to start small before going live.

      • Years ago IRD staff lost a case against their employer because they refused to use new computer systems. I can’t recall exact details, suffice to say they lost.

  • Callum

    Dealing with Datacom at the moment on a client who is transitioning to them, relatively small payroll that was supposed to go live 1 April. Apparently they need to transition it over 4 MONTHS, seriously retarded.
    So sadly Novopay looks like the better option.

    • pidge

      If Novopay had been transitioned over four months (probably more need, though), it probably wouldn’t have quite been the Charlie Foxtrot it is. The four months may be the time recommended by Datacom Employer Services to ensure that all the niggles can be captured without causing an overload on the staff involved – it may not take that long, but caution over “she’ll be right” and an employee missing a rent/mortgage payment as a result, right?

      • Callum

        Disagree totally. This is a relatively small payroll (around 20 people) being run through their standard system. If you need 4 months for that your systems must be total rubbish.
        As an example, when we picked up this payroll on a transitional basis to assist our client it was a 1 week transition. No major problems and everyone got paid with one staff member taking 2 to 3 days for the transition and first weeks pay run. Ongoing it is less than a day for the whole process each week.

  • unsol

    Novopay: The Modern Terminator & the Rise of the Machines.

    What a bunch of cocks. Only spineless MSM & bloody unionists would sensationalise a technical glitch so that a system appears to have super robotic capabilities operating independently. Honestly. How dumb are these people? Why are they still employed?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Here is what I think happened.

    There is an entry in each employees record for termination date. Schools were not asked to supply, or forgot to supply this information. The default value for this information is 21/04/2013.

    This is fixable, do a search of the database as follows;

    SELECT employee_name, school_name, FROM database WHERE termination_date=21/04/2013 GROUP BY school_name;

    Send out the result to each school with a cover letter asking them to check and if in error update the employee record with the correct information.

    • Dave

      I agree AC Most employment/payment systems have an “contract expiry” date. The HR Dept, (or Novapay in this case) send a memo, letter etc to the hiring manager, seeking clarification the Employee (teacher) is still employed as per details in the system,. once confirmed, date changed, problem solved. The ISSUE will be where those schools do NOT reply, or do not reply in time, and the contract EXPIRES. Hardly the systems fault when the Principle / Secretary cant get the details back in time. Shame it falls near a Teachers HOLIDAY, Oops.

      • blokeintakapuna

        …but the realistic truth needs to be glossed over, so the education unions can wail, slather and make their faux angst shrilling rhetoric to fit their agenda.

        Inconvenient truths can just be not mentioned, especially if you have a philosophically sympathetic churnalist such as Patrick Gower doing the bleating for you… Without much balance to a story.

    • meh

      You won’t be well received by the media and / or unions with your damned “logic” and “sensible solution” to such a minor problem as an incorrect date in a few database rows…. :)

    • BJ

      Agreed. What the problem is that talent2 coders don’t know what they are doing. There aren’t enough programmers around that understand the big picture of what’s trying to be accomplished so all the coding does not marry up. All very well teaching code but if the programmers lack basic logic – its never going to work

  • “Really? A software system can over-ride legal and statutory obligations, not to mention contractual employment conditions and unilaterally “sack” staff. What a load of horseshit.”

    Yes, it can, I’m afraid. Software system Novopay has been overriding the “legal and statutory obligations, not to mention contractual employment conditions” of the Ministry of Education to pay its employees in full and on time for several months now. You must have read about this – it’s been in the news and on the web daily since August.