Why gun control is gay and won’t succeed

The liberal left wants to control access to guns…unfortunately for them it is a forlorn hope, technology is advancing significantly.

That is a video of 600 rounds being fired through a 3D printed AR15. Just a few months ago their first attempt failed after 6 rounds. Kelsey Atherton at PopSci explains:

The agents provocateur at Defense Distributed welcomed Congress back from recess by releasing a video of a brand new 3-D printed AR-15 receiver being used to fire multiple 100-round magazines. … The last time we saw Defense Distributed test a 3-D printed lower receiver, it broke after 6 shots. The latest video shows that it can survive a whopping 600 shots. This suggests that Defense Distributed has made significant progress toward its goal of building a working 3-D printed gun.

This is why gun control will fail…just 10 years ago it was unthinkable that you could print something simple let alone something as complex as a gun. 


Some idiots think that the real thing to control is the gun powder…showing clearly that they nothing about modern propellants or firearms.

“Perhaps the only way forward, if we choose to try and control this, is to control the gunpowder — the explosives — and not the actual device,” Hod Lipson, a Cornell University professor of engineering and an early pioneer of 3-D printing, tells Danger Room. The reason, Lipson says, is that it would be the remaining “controlled substance” in a field that’s otherwise uncontrollable, regardless of the shape or size of the firearm that you’re using — or printing. It is the “unifying material everybody would need, and it would be a good target for regulation if people choose to regulate it.”

Regulation of the chemicals that are used to make up modern propellants will be as effective as drug testing athletes has been at stopping doping in sport.


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  • cows4me

    While regulating ammo may not work the bastards are certainly trying. Many popular sizes of ammunition are hard to come by in the states. Obummer and his evil commie mates are buying huge quantities of ammo, now why would a tolreant and caring government do that? Also Geogre Soros has acquired 4 ammo companies over the years and he is not keen on firearms, we dealing we very serious bastards here. And besides an AR15 isn’t much use when a hellfire missile comes through the front door from one of Obummers drones.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Get with the program cows, we are the Government we are here to help you. Tui,tui,tui,tui,

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes read similar reports. The US army gets first dibs on ammunition, followed by law enforcement, the public get whats left anything else is exported. The Department of homeland security has been buying billions of rounds of ammunition in various calibers. You have to ask why. Not just bullets but a whole range of equipment, like bullet proof roadside checkpoints, to control and if necessary imprison large groups of people.

    As for controlling the supply of gun powder, given the simplicity and commonness of the ingredients I don’t know how you would control it.

    With 3D printing, what we haven’t seen is the printing of molds to cast the metal parts of the guns, then again the technology is moving so fast the printing material may make that unnecessary.

  • GregM

    I prefer larger calibres myself…