Why public transport sucks, big donnybrook on Perth Bus

This is why you won’t catch me on public transport…feral scum. This donnybrook is making news in Australia.

Warning NSFW: Language

It started with racial abuse then continued with a tirade of explicit language and threatening gestures, and ended in an all-out brawl.

The shocking footage, taken by a passenger on a Transperth bus, shows a verbal altercation that spiralled into a violent punch-up between two women.

It appears the incident was sparked after one of the woman confronted the other over racial comments made toward another passenger.

Within minutes the argument became physical and a fight broke out.

As passengers quickly move to get out of the way, the women can be seen slapping and hitting each other on the floor of the bus.

The clip ends with one woman pinning down another in the aisle and hitting her repeatedly.

What happened next is yet to be confirmed by the Public Transport Authority, however spokesman David Hynes has told Fairfax Media that the bus driver followed safety protocols.

Mr Hynes said it was the PTA’s “clear position” that “passengers should be able to undertake their journey without being intimated or offended by language and behaviour such as that depicted”.

A situation which is common on Perth buses, according to Kevin Starr bus industry organiser of the WA Transport Workers Union.

“It’s not unusual. This sort of punch-up would happen at least weekly, maybe even as a daily occurrence on a minor level [such as verbal abuse or spitting],” he said.

Mr Hynes said the PTA has been able to locate a report lodged for the incident, but was unable to advise where and when the fight took place.



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  • Why is it that cellphone users recording video can’t remember the orientation of TV and computer screens?

    • P1LL

      I was just going to say the same thing

  • Richard McGrath

    Passengers should have been charged extra for the on-board entertainment.

  • Grizz30

    Watching this I have big concerns for the quality of Australian Education. A complete lack of vocabulary from both women. Who is sorting out those Australian Teachers’ Union?

    Also since when did the words “smell my cunt” become a threat? The mere thought of it made me vomit.

    • This may be due to a small sample size, but I have never encountered one that wasn’t smelly. So, for it to be used as a pejorative term, there logically has to be a threshold at which the normally, acceptably smelly turns into a sufficient kind of smelly for it to be an insult.

      As to where that boundary lies, I will leave that to the brave and adventurous to discover and report.

      • Jman

        There most certainly are cunts that smell just fine. It’s a matter of hygiene.

        This video was hysterical! I laughed the whole way through it.

  • I couldn’t make out 95% of what either shadow in the image said. I think I would rather be entertained by that display though, than be stuck on a bus here full of oldies using their Super Gold Card on the Airport Flyer at $8 a pop to the taxpayer rather than $4 on the Valley Flyer.

  • Dave

    “BusDriver followed safety protocols. Locked himself in drivers secure area. or ran his life!!

  • Red

    Shocking footage – is right. I felt seasick. I saw the same mixture of “personalities” slugging it out at 9.30am in the centre of Adelaide a few years ago & the only surprise there was how groups of drunken dikes & indigenous angry folk could be up and about so early.

  • J.M

    Just got home, after a great train ride home. Sure beats driving to work, but unfortunately the Wellington trains never seem to offer much in the way of entertainment at all.

    • Cadwallader

      I think Hone should advise us when his mother next holidays in Perth.

      • Dave

        Please no. 1) The Aboriginals of Western Australia do not need or deserve the treatment Titiwhai dishes out, and 2) NZ does not her on show in WA.

  • Patrick

    Travel the Armadale Line & any bus heading out towards the Perth airport & you may see this sort of behaviour – & it isn’t always Aborigines – plenty of white trash in Perth causing problems.