Will Gareth apologise now?

The Green taliban burned countless tonnes of greenhouse gases to politicise the accident. Phil Goff pretended to care too. They all claimed that the environment in the Bay Of Plenty was destroyed beyond repair, and they have used the accident to try and stop drilling for oil.

Greenpeace claimed tens of thousands of birds were affected, ignoring bird deaths from winter storms and inflating actual deaths.

They were all liars.

An endangered bird that was at risk of having its small population decimated by oil from Rena, is back flying high again

About 120 of the fewer than 1500 Dotterel left in New Zealand were on beaches in the Bay of Plenty when oil spilled from the container ship in October 2011.

Dotterel nest on the sand, so around half the adult population were put into captivity to save them from the oil.

Independent shorebird ecologist Dr John Dowding says sadly it was not always possible to catch both birds in each breeding pair, but today most of the survivors have paired and are breeding again.

Dr Dowding says the captured birds appear to have re-adjusted to life in the wild as though nothing ever happened.


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  • No

  • Patrick

    Greenpeace, The Greens & all the other leftie so called environmentalists make outrageous claims all the time. Never ever are they held to account when those claims turn out to be a pack of lies.

    • AnonWgtn

      Bloody dangerous lot of Liars – they are always right and can get sympathy and money from all sorts of twits in this country, who believe that they are doing good.
      I saw it in Wellington a short while ago when the Rainbow Warrior was there. Dozens of young and not so young sitting on arranged chairs on the wharf, being lectured and being shown pictures of their achievements. There were dozen of others with buckets seeking money.
      I asked one for a copy of their balance sheet. He could have hit me.

      • Patrick

        My standard response to anyone stopping me for a donation – “can you tell me what percentage of the money I will give you will end up directly helping the starving/sick/needy?”. 100% so far have not been able to give me the answer, my next question is “why should I give to your organisation when you are unable to tell me how the donation will be spent – do you realise how much of the money I give & the free time you give is used to fund your bosses flying around the world staying in top notch hotels?”. 50% of the responses are a blank face, 50% an aggressive fuck off – well worth it for the laugh I get from the poor indoctrinated well meaning idealists.

  • Mediaan

    These people are bad for the environment.

    Suggest we should hold a vigil against false green activists.

    They hurt the planet and the NZ economy.

    Name it for the thousands of gathered-up endangered snails who died in the wrongly-set Dept of Conservation fridge. Labour Weekend wasn’t it? They cost Solid Energy something enormous per snail, didn’t they?

    Remember the Snails!

    And how, if they had had a vote, they would have chosen to take their chances with the coal-miners!

  • AzaleaB

    I have met Dr John Dowding – excellent man, highly intelligent, passionate about his area of expertise but not blinded by politics. He even forgave my ignorance related to the spotted Dotterel( …just :)).

  • Bunswalla

    But it was Phil Goff that saved the dotterels, surely. i saw a picture of him in his suit and holding a shovel (no, not Charlie), supposedly “putting his back into it”.

    Shit, I’m starting to sound like Sir Cullen’s Sidekick, sorry bro.

    Anyway, here’s the link for those who doubt that Goff single-handedly saved the budgies: