Will Gareth Morgan be the top bidder?

via Bay of Plenty Times

via Bay of Plenty Times

The online sale of a cat that has been stuffed and turned into a rug has upset animal advocates who say the auction is disturbing and in bad taste.

The ginger tabby is being sold online as a “great little gift for the mancave”. Bids close tonight.

Tauranga taxidermist Andrew Lancaster found the large male cat on the side of the Napier and Taupo highway, on the way back from a concert last month.

“I thought ‘that’s a pretty nice looking cat’, did a U-turn and picked it up,” he said.

Mr Lancaster thought the cat must have been “run straight over” as there was no broken skin, but bruising inside, he said. Since the cat was listed, interest in it “has gone ballistic”.

“There’s been about 2500 views. I usually get 100 views a week on some of my other items,” he said.

Gareth should be taking notes.  There is obviously demand for this sort of product.  So the more cat rugs he can put on TradeMe, the less cats there are out there killing birds.

Mr Lancaster also had some more “unique” creations in his collection at his Kaimai’s home – such as a possum-headed chicken with vampire teeth or a small bird with the head of a child’s doll.

The UK-expat said he did not know who bought his work or why but he enjoyed creating them, despite online backlash which included being called “you sicko” or being told “hope this happens to you”.

Well, being a Sicko hasn’t stopped Gareth either, so let’s see where he takes this concept!


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Can just imagine the dogs’ “Ignoring” that on the living room floor :-)

  • Gazzaw

    I’d like to roll it up and stick it up his arse…….head first. Sicko.

    • Ronnie Chow

      The paper thin legs are giveaway unless the cunt starved it first .

      • A/random/reader

        It was road kill.

        Don’t you know how to read?

  • Ronnie Chow

    Oh , eating animals , Wasn’t so long ago the White Man stopped the Maori eating each other out of existence .

    • Travis Poulson

      What a mistake that was. Payin’ for it now!

  • Don Pemberton

    Good on him, made a few dollars out of roadkill. Could be the start of a new business for him

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