Will he work for Labour too, or will Trevor spearhead their social media strategy again?

Labor has called for some heavy hitters to help them in the Federal Election this year. He is a big wig campaigning expert who has worked for Obama.

Labour here has previously used Obama resources like Blue State Digital, who ironically the other day were impressing the young impressionable idiots of Young Nats without them realising that BSD has previously worked for Labour.

Where Labor goes, Labour follows…so I wonder if Patrick Batchelor will pop over here for some campaign advice, or whether labour thinks Trevor has them covered again like last time?

The Australian ”whiz kid” who helped run Barack Obama’s grassroots re-election campaign, Patrick Batchelor, is bringing his expertise to Sydney for the federal election.

Taking a leaf from the Obama re-election playbook, Labor has established a 40-seat call centre at its new campaign headquarters in Parramatta, modelled on those used by the Democrats during last year’s presidential race. 

The centre was designed by Mr Batchelor, the 27-year-old son of the former Labor MP and NSW upper house president Meredith Burgmann.

Mr Batchelor spent last year’s US election campaign running the Democrats’ volunteer call centre in Texas, but is credited with being a leader of the national grassroots operation. He later wrote a paper for the NSW Labor party on how it worked.

NSW Labor’s general secretary, Sam Dastyari, announced in December that the party would relocate its headquarters from Sussex Street in the Sydney CBD to Parramatta in a bid to ”go back to our roots” and reconnect with voters.

The new headquarters at Gough Whitlam Plaza started work on Monday as the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, began the first day of her week-long blitz on western Sydney.

The call centre will be staffed with volunteers who are expected to begin hitting the phones within weeks.

It will be interesting to see how the Liberals counter this development.


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  • Patrick

    By the looks of things Gillard is going to require more than some whizz kid on the phones to improve her chances, what’s the bet there are a whole heap of taxpayer funded election bribes about to be dropped on the “poor & needy” in those crucial seats such as those in Western Sydney where she is campaigning currently. True to form for Labor (& Labour) she will tax the “rich pricks” to make a “fairer society”
    After all those that work their asses off & pay their own way need to recognise the contribution made to society by the remainder.