Will this be Hekia Parata’s Waterloo?

NZEI area field officer Louise Simmons at a November '12 meeting  - Hawkes Bay Today

NZEI area field officer Louise Simmons at a November ’12 meeting – Hawkes Bay Today

Primary teachers had a paid stop work meeting yesterday.  This seems to be the result

Waikato primary teachers have voted to support strike action if the Government refuses to budge on negotiations over their collective agreement.

More than 800 teachers attended a paid union meeting at the Claudelands Events Centre in Hamilton yesterday, expecting fresh news about the negotiations.

“Don’t look forward to much,” New Zealand Educational Institute executive officer Jane Porter warned.

“I’d like to be here telling you that we’ve made progress. But what I’m really here to tell you . . . is that we have made no progress.”

The union has had six meetings with the Ministry of Education since November last year, and nothing has been achieved, Ms Porter said.

Teachers voted 829 for, 41 against to support further negotiations and potential strike action if no progress was made at the next two meetings with the Ministry next month.

“We’re at the stage where it’s very clear that what we can do across the table needs to be backed up by members showing that they care.”

NZEI Waikato representative Michelle Ryan said they were “looking at potential strike action in term two” of this year.

We’ve seen that Parata isn’t the “skillful negotiation type”, preferring to get through on arrogance, bluster and placing the blame with other people.  It will be fascinating to see how this develops.


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  • unsol

    When it comes to teachers, NZEI & their collective agreements etc then rules like ‘don’t negotiate with terrorists’ come into play.

    I completely disagree with your stance against Hekia – spinning ones head of a pin would be far easier than trying to negotiate with these fools.

    Yes absolutely she made some mistakes but come on, CHCH is new territory for everyone & with the pay stuff, well that is a very old axe the teachers love to grind.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Simple solution…performance pay. Accept it or be fired.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Will this be Hekia Parata’s Waterloo?” and if Hekia turns out to be Wellington and the teachers…Nepolean?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Hekia…some advice, …
      1. Speed up the roll out of Charter Schools.
      2. Cut pay to ALL principles and staff that don’t complete National standards reporting on time…regardless!!!
      3. Cut pay to all principles and teachers who’s NCEA or national standards results are below acceptable levels.
      4. Investigate all teachers/principles re. criminal behaviour, (of any type)

      • unsol

        Awesome…if only she or any minister would have the balls to do this eh

      • StupidDisqus

        You’re missing the big Charter vs National Standards / NCEA Play here:

        Charter schools don’t do NCEA or National Standards or Unions!. Hekia should just offer schools a choice:
        – toe the line: full National Standards & NCEA conformance, or
        – charter status

        If schools really don’t want to do National Standards (I guess they want Green Standards or Labour Standards) — fine. Then they can have a charter school: be sponsored by Greenpeace, require all teacher to be financial members of the Green party (oh and aren’t allowed to deduct union fees).

        And as for the NZEI/PPTA – The only advice is: legislate under urgency to break the unions.
        – ban union deduction and union membership
        – strikes in non-charter state schools – disrupting an essential service (childminding) to be a criminal offense
        – deregister all the unions and confiscate their assets.

        Frankly I’d go one more, do a Ronald Reagan to the Air Traffic Controllers:
        ban them from any state sector or education job in perpetuity

    • unsol

      A poor metaphor for sure. Implying teachers are some kind of formidable force is just ridiculous from start to finish. This battle from both sides involved a calibre of people that teachers are unable to even recognize let alone be seen as having similarities to!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hilarious really: NZEI Waikato representative Michelle Ryan “I guess it sends a clear message to the Government and to the Ministry that we’re serious about what we’re fighting for and we believe in quality public education.”

    It seems that kids only get quality education from people like Michelle Ryan when they get the payrises they are demanding. It’s the pay that makes them better, more high quality teachers! That pretty much says it all.

    • johnbronkhorst

      yep….expensive crap….it still……………………………..CRAP!!

  • Phar Lap

    The amount of money the teacher unions spent with newspaper adds attacking Charter Schools and Novopay,they could have afforded to give the teachers a pay increase.All seems dumb ,they gouge union fees of the teachers ,then waste the money on stupid advertising.Of course they have good teachers themselves,the Lie-bour Party who almost bankrupted NZ when they ran their reign of terror for nine unproductive years.

  • SJ00

    41 people not following the party line and instead vote with their brain. Whats the bet they weren’t the most popular people at the meeting and someone goes to their school/home and pisses on their bbq?
    I reckon those 41 people also didn’t want to be at the stop work meeting but were forced to go.

    • AnonWgtn

      Only 41 forced to go – I bet in a free vote the number would be much greater, but they are scared of the unions reactions to come out.
      Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, remember – especilally by another woman – the most dangerous of the species – look at nature.

  • StupidDisqus

    Time for Hekia to get real: legislate under urgency to ban the union members and make school strikes – removing an essential childminding service – a criminal offense.

    See how many of ’em like the inside of Paremoremo.

  • St_Hubbins

    Public sector employees should never have been able to unionise. Until this is remedied, nothing will change.

  • AnonWgtn

    Remember Teaching is for Teachers.
    Children have stuff all to do with Teaching.

  • BigDes

    They will strike against government policy under the guise of stalled pay negotiations. If they are approached individually in school and asked if they want the best for kids, then they won’t be able to strike and deprive them of class time, will they. ;-)