Would you let your child die, because Jesus never went to a doctor?

These are such a sad, sad stories.

Why can’t these people accept the God provides medical care through other people?

Sadly, it’s not the idiots that die.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Jesus didn’t believe in money lenders either…Damn there goes any mortgage ideas.

    • Jimmie

      Not money lenders they were (religious) money changers ripping off poor folks by over charging for special ceremonial items. (Hmm they haven’t changed much have they?)

      As for mortgages – in one parable Jesus said to go deposit entrusted $$$ to the money lenders to receive interest at a later date – so I guess they can’t be too bad…

      • Agent BallSack

        I stand happily corrected.

  • how does it go?…….

    a priest was drowning in a flood and a dude with a boat came by and asked if he needed help “no, im ok,. jesus will save me”…the priest drowned and went to heaven and asked god “hey why didnt you save me?” god says “what do you mean? i did sent you a boat didnt i?”

  • budgieboy

    From memory the Disciple Luke was a Doctor, I can’t imagine Jesus would have him hanging out with the A team if medicine was such a bad thing. What total morons!!!

  • just by the by… James hetfield, singer for metallica had darn crazy folks like that. he never went to no damn quack…. just incase you wanted to know

  • Bunswalla

    Either they’re complete morons (well, let’s face it they are) or god really is a complete cunt.

    • Rodger T

      Both of the above?

  • James M

    I believe in faith, faith in my friends, in my family and faith in doctors. its a funny word faith its almost the same as belief. both are a choice and you and only you should have the choice to trust it.

    im not a religious person by any means. but i do believe children have the right to either follow theor parents beliefs or not as i did and not have it decided for them.

    the cases in this video are pretty extreme and very sad. let the children become men and women and see what they want to believe in and not dictate it and play with their lives.

    • HtD

      What you are calling your faith is actually evidence based reasoning. You have relied on the evidence of your interactions with friends and family, of the science that doctoring is based on, of the knowlege that your infection was cured by antibiotics. Faith is to embrace a belief without evidence, or even despite evidence. Another word for faith is gullibility.
      I agree, let the kids grow up and decide. Problem is, religions dare not do that because no religions stand up to reasoned adult scrutiny, hence they brainwash at a young age.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Ban evangelical religions full stop, Look at what the Blind emotion “Faith” can do.

    God can help you lift heavy objects, but can not help with bladder infections and diabetes, those people have been sold a fraudulent god, by a bunch of necromantic witches.

  • Kacanga

    A fitting punishment would be to give them some nice painful, ultimately but slowly lethal yet easily curable sickness and suggest they start praying.

    It’s OK if they do it to themselves, in fact I’d encourage it. But not to kids.

    • Pharmachick


  • P1LL

    Brainwashed nutbags

  • Rodger T

    If Jesus could heal amputees ,then maybe I could be convinced of his existence.

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    What if god made doctors to cure people?

    • Rodger T

      If Doctors had a 100% cure rate, then maybe you would be on to something,otherwise why would ur god make people sick in the first place? Is it just fucking with you?
      Sorta like prayer,being omniscient he would already know what you want ,so I guess he just likes to hear you beg?

  • PlanetOrphan

    Jesus couldn’t cure himself….
    And the bastards still drink his blood and eat his flesh in rememberance , what would you say to those bastards asking for devine help ?
    Spit me out first ya Bastard Maybe?
    And no that doesn’t mean “Puke yourself to purity Damn it!”

  • steve and monique

    It’s just like those crazy Jehovah’s Witnesses who would let their child die rather than give them a blood transfusion. They should be charged with manslaughter, not providing the necessities of life. This is where religion really crosses the line, why are practices like this able to continue and why are people so absolutely gullible?

  • HtD

    Actually, the cult heads should be deemed partly culpable, having brainwashed and hoodwinked the dumbarse parents into doing what is obviously very, very fucking stupid.

    • Lion_ess

      Don’t stop with just this religion then.

      • HtD

        Agreed. Islam is the biggest threat to the world at present, because they are at their Spanish Inquisition stage, but with better weapons and sneakier politics, but ALL religions are bad, irrespective of whether you believe in one or more of the gods that have been invented.