You flee, you die

I have no idea why silly idiots attempt to flee the Police. They a) never succeed, b) always get caught, c) usually wind up dead or severely injured.

Four teenage girls were allegedly fighting and knocking over tables at an Auckland cafe shortly before they were critically injured in a crash following a one-minute police pursuit.

The girls, two aged 16 and two 17, had to be cut from the car after it hit a concrete median strip and lost control before crashing into a concrete block wall on Kepa Rd in Kohimarama late last night.

Police said the pursuit lasted about one minute. 

The car crashed through more than five metres of a 2m-tall concrete block wall, trapping the girls inside the vehicle.

At least one of the girls was still conscious and cried for help while firefighters cut them free, a witness said.

“One was screaming, ‘I can’t breath, I can’t feel my legs. I’m going to die, I’m going to die’,” neighbour Humphrey Hart said.

“I heard the bang, it was pretty loud.”

It is real simple, you flee, you die…stuff knows they they do it. No one in New Zealand has ever died by pulling over when requested the Police.

I waiting now for assorted criminal rights groups and the Labour party to blame the Police.


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  • boristhefrog

    Drove along Kepa Rd earlier today – its quite some hole in the wall…

    One News was there with cameras so expect some footage on the news tonight – expect to see Labour Party hack as well blaming the Govt….

  • disqus_mkonME9omC

    The results of not one responsible adult spotting these drunken tarts going on a rampage .Remove the keys , stop the crazy slappers. But you are right though the Police will be blamed somehow for over zealousness {yeah right} . Same with the “free a crim” brigade and their tired rhetorical statements of Big Brother etc etc causing . I put it down to slack parenting , shitty choices whilst pissed as a cricket. and general “give a f**kness ” attitude thats rampant these days. And yet again the powers that be scrape another body off the roads. STOP THE DRINK DRIVING . SIMPLE….. easy as that.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Good sensible advise but dangerous 1. they would have turned on you and it would have been your fault, if you got hurt or they got hurt. 2. One complaint and you would have been charged with male assaults female.

      Best just to leave it to Darwin.

      Now given that the legal age for drinking is 18 and you can’t get a full license, for passengers, until you turn 18. Were they drinking,was the car stolen, did anyone have a license and dare I say it what race were they.

  • williamabong

    More driver training via PlayStation, bet they didn’t realise they weren’t going to get a free game, stupidity in the extreme.

  • Saccharomyces

    But Cam, it’s not their fault, they were driven to it by our evil capitalist society. As soon as we stop trying to ostracise these poor victims of circumstance such things will stop happening /sarcasm

    Fucking losers. Caning around in a stolen car, looking at the video it was a Legacy wagon, most likely a GT. Just a pity they didn’t all die and take themeselves out of the gene pool. Actually, they’ve probably already reproduced…..
    And of course there’ll be all the stories over the news toinoght about how it’s a tragedy and such a shame 3 teenage girls have had such a horrific “accident”.

  • In a stolen car !the poor wee mites. What about the poor owner of the car?

  • steve and monique

    Now the taxpayer has to pay to fix the stupid bitches

  • johnbronkhorst

    Dawinism, on view AGAIN (survival of the smartest). Please inform all future idiots, that no further working examples are required……But then again, if they had the brains, they would already know this….So please….carry on increasing the average IQ of the country, won’t you girls!!!

  • Patrick

    Shall we run a sweepstake on the likely punishment? My bet is a family conference with some hand holding & singing 10 koombyas.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Just more young little shitbags that don’t give a stuff about others property. You are right, it is a shame they didn’t all die because they wont get any better. I agree that if you tried to stop them driving by taking the keys it would be you in hospital from a pack attack. However not many stolen cars have the keys with them so that would be harder. Some teens now just don’t give a shit and by the sounds of these ones they will probably just get a smack on the hand by another weak arsed judge.

  • steve and monique

    Of course the police will be blamed and the biggest kicker is that it is the media that will do it. They have started already just by the tone and their use of certain words insinuating the police are to blame. The media really needs to get their act together, they are no longer credible, they are nothing but shit stirring ambulance chasers with lip gloss

  • sadu

    There was another one of these on TV last week. Some knob evading police at 180kmph, crashed and died. No bystanders hurt. News said it was a terrible / tragic outcome.
    Of course the focus on the news piece was on Police chase protocol and whether the cop did anything wrong. But really, this was the ideal outcome – offender gone, roads now a little bit safer, nobody else hurt.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Good result.

  • parorchestia

    Were are all the lefties when it comes to justifying their beliefs in a practical example? Can I do it for them? It was the fault of our wicked capitalist society. It was the fault of the National Government. It was John Key’s fault as he is a rich prick. The victims weren’t given a chance by an uncaring society. If society were fairer and they were richer they would have been able to own a better car. In a better society the wall would have been made of rubber. In a fairer society the cops would have been dancing Morris Dances, or hakas.