Your NZ Tax Dollars At Work

What MPs get up to while Parliament is sitting:



At this stage Parliament was holding an Urgent Debate to discuss the AG report on Biosecurity.





and so on, and so on.

A Maori MP and a Samoan MP arguing over who knows the true meaning of racism.

Feel like your tax dollars are being spent well, do you?


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  • botti

    Kind of obvious why any sensible policy would favour chinese immigration. Look at academic results, unemployment, crime etc. Statistically makes much more sense.

    Perhaps Ms Lole Taylor could explain the rationale for pacific island immigration? Rather than simply saying it’s unfair, provide an argument with some data on why it makes sense.

    • manuka416

      Can you publish your Chinese vs. PI stats? You must have them on hand, since you support using data to back up your stance. Given your bias, I guess your stats will show no triad crime, no methamphetamine importing, no illicit gambling, no abduction/homicide, no illegal sex trade amongst the Chinese immigrant community.

      • botti

        My bias? Statistically they are amongst the “at risk” groups in terms of the criminal justice system.

        Review of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics: Consultation Paper (2008).

        • manuka416

          I just can’t agree with your ‘eugenics’ viewpoint on immigration – favouring groups based upon ethnicity. The things that count: ability to contribute to our society; ability to integrate with our society/culture; good character.

        • manuka416

          Single reference to PI people and crime from the 100-page paper:

          “The likelihood of being a criminal offender or the victim of a crime does not fall evenly across all groups in the population. Those known to be at risk include males, youth, and people belonging to particular ethnic groups, such as Mäori and Pacific peoples.”

          Should sensible immigration policy disfavour all of those at-risk groups?

          • botti

            Think of how insurance works – if a group is more at risk statistically then the premium is higher to reflect the risk. So you would have more stringent entry criteria for groups that are statistically more likely to have below average socio-economic outcomes.

            In practical terms that’s not going to happen, but you can at least have a colour blind skill based criteria.

            ***I just can’t agree with your approach to immigration – favouring groups based upon ethnicity.***

            I actually agree. But as David Farrar pointed out that isn’t the case currently. NZ actually has special quotas for pacific countries. So we already do favour these groups based on ethnicity.


          • manuka416

            You’re obviously a very well educated person who comments a lot on genetics, ethnicity, and human statistics. I’ve read some of your other Disqus posts. Oddly enough, because of your pure academic analysis of people/humanity I just can’t take you seriously. Adios.

          • botti

            heh, I can see what you mean. I do try to be as objective and evidence based as possible but that may lead to my comments being seen as “purely academic” as you put it. Nice chatting anyway.

      • Gazzaw

        Manuka, triad-based crime is a curse that has to be stamped and stamped on hard. That’s not easy aided and abetted as it is by established NZ gangs who supply the distribution and the muscle for the triads. The crimes that you mention are not the sole domain of the Chinese community. Get used to it, by 2020 the Asian community in Auckland will represent one third of our population. Without their tax contributions not only would our social welfare regime be totally fucked so would health & education. Second generation Asian-Kiwis will form the backbone of our medical, legal & business sectors. Those opportunities are here for everyone in our society – all that is required is to work as hard as our Asian people. A will to succeed should replace envy & xenophobia.

        • manuka416

          Totally agree, Gazzaw. I favour immigration, and respect hard-working, contributing immigrants (which most are, in my experience). I was taking exception with botti’s favouring of Chinese immigrants over PI immigrants, particularly the insuation of less crime if Chinese immigration were favoured. Crime is a factor amongst all immigrant (and native) groups – just the flavours of crime vary.

    • manuka416

      PS: I have quit a few PI mates, all hard-working, law-abiding. Some work in factories, some in trades, some in the health sector. Come to think of it, my Chinese mates are the same. In fact, all of my non-working mates are NZers. That tells you something about immigrants.

      • botti

        Most people are, but statistically groups differ significantly as noted in the papers above.

  • James M

    Why is it when i read her name all i hear in my head is “Ass in a tie”

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “Why is your National govt shutting down Manukau branch of immigration?”

    Cuz its all fill up, no more room. Now sit youself down and shut youself up.

  • rightoverlabour

    FFS! we pay this leaches salary? Typical, start losing the argument, pull the race card. Just Fuck Off.

  • Troy

    She’s just another parastical list MP leeching on the public purse… I doubt she feels guilty about it… list MP’s have no moral fibre to begin with. This tart needs to shut her trap and try to behave – she will be a 1-term MP unless the naive and pathetically stupid public vote NZF again on their party vote.

  • NZFirst is getting almost as xenophobic as the Greens.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “A Maori MP and a Samoan MP arguing over who knows the true meaning of racism.”

    Is there such thing as a Maori and a Samoan or are they really just Polynesian.

    Given that they are both down the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, do they really have any idea what racism really is, other than hold out hand shout racist and wait for the money.