A Day of Announcements

It must be the day for it. Government appointments to new roles start today so why not some announcements.

Keeping Stock published Martyn Bradbury‘s press release announcing that Kiwiblog, Whaleoil, Keeping Stock and Home Paddock will now be syndicating our feeds to The Daily Blog in order to provide some balance.

Scott Yorke also announces some big news.

People who read my posts will know I have not been an uncritical supporter of the Labour Party. The party has struggled from one blunder to the next, and this tendency towards self-injury has driven much of the ongoing speculation about David Shearer’s leadership. Many of us have looked on in dismay as Labour tears itself apart, and more than a few of us have found ourselves questioning our choice of party. ?

I have been through this process a few times, but I have always held on, hoping against hope that things would get better, that David Shearer would assert himself as a strong and positive leader, and that Labour’s policies would capture the imagination of the public.

But this time I’m letting go. Goodbye Labour, I’m leaving you.

You’ll be surprised at the party he has said he will join.

David Farrar has an announcement too…which isn’t really that believable. But in this day and age who know, it could be true.

Given the outbreak of silly?announcements?I think I’ll hold off announcing that I am gay and that is the reason I have been promoting gay marriage, not because it is right and proper.