A jihad Vladimir Putin can finally agree with

I blogged the other day about a jihad we can all agree with…well it looks like Vladimir Putin also agrees:

The Russian president was confronted by a topless protester with an obscene slogan insulting Mr Putin painted on her back – and, he admitted, he ?liked? it.

Mr Putin was with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at at a trade fair in Hanover when the woman tried to push her way through to an amused-looking Mr Putin, but was blocked by aides. Her back was painted with an obscene slogan in Cyrillic script directed against the Russian president.

The activist was with two other women who also stripped to the waist and shouted slogans calling the Russian leader a ?dictator?.?

The women appeared to be members of the feminist group Femen, which has staged topless protests against the sex industry and religious institutions.

Speaking at a press conference afterwards, Mr Putin said: ?As for the protest, I liked it. In principle, we knew that such a protest was being prepared.?

He said the organisers of the Hanover event should ?say thank you to the Ukrainian girls, they helped you promote the trade fair.?

He added: ?To be honest, I didn?t really hear what they were shouting because the security [guards] were very tough. These huge guys fell on the lasses. That seemed not right to me, they could have been handled more gently.

Mr Putin appeared to show a flash of his well-known salty humour, adding: ?I didn?t make out whether they were blondes, chestnut-haired or brunettes.?