A little job for the Army

It looks like the union organised opposition to Charter Schools have a little poll running on their website.

NACT assure us that Charter Schools are being brought in to help Maori and Pacifica students achieve better results.  They don’t offer any evidence, in fact Catherine Isaac said on Campbell Live tonight (23.4.13) that they “might improve things,” so it seems even she isn’t that sure.

But all of that aside, what do YOU think?

Feel free to comment below, too.  I’d love to hear people’s reasoning for or against or whether they are just plain confused. 


State of Play before the Amry is unleashed

No probs, just voted. Yes, absolutely….and the army will be along shortly to assist.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    47% yes already…after I voted!!!

  • I would just like .to say that SOSNZ is my page and has nothing to do with the union whatsoever. I welcome all voices and listen to all positions. Just for the record.

    • johnbronkhorst

      So put your views and your link. Let us argue it out, I’m sure people will like that!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Your front page appears to parrot the unions, labour and the greens position. You state …”there is evidence” and then just like the unions don’t show us any!!! What evidence you do come up with is highly edited against and uses only negative examples. When even in the USA charter schools are a mixed bag and depend on the individual state regulations as to how successful they are. The same applies to similarly run school in other countries.

      NZ has a unique opportunity to take the best, copy that and ignor the rest.

      National standards…again you parrot the teachers union and say that they test the pupils now….but not as a “standard” if like the teachers you don’t know the meaning of the word “standard” in this context…I suggest you look it up! Testing has not been uniform across the country and I seem to remember not that long ago that the secondary school teacher’s biggest complaint was…that kids were reaching college not being able to read!!!!
      As for Christchurch, schools will be built with the future demographic of Christchurch in mind…ie 30 year plan, NOT for the convenience of the current crop of selfish teachers!!!! NOBODY else gets to tell their BOSS where or how or when he will do business!!!!!!!!!!

      • blokeintakapuna

        Shot JBH. Give them another swift kick in the common sense…

      • Mel

        You obviously didn’t delve deeper into the posts and links.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Really??? So you think!!!!

        • unsol

          Meg – you’re here….that has got to be a record!

      • unsol

        Not to mention parrot the USA movement – anyone care to explain to these people the difference between USA & NZ on pretty much everything?

    • hazardsareonitsok

      Listen to all positions? Fuck off

      • blokeintakapuna

        Yep… ALL positions… That we agree with.

    • Really…then how come you direct people on your site to this link:


      A submission system run byt he NZEI and PPTA, and how come the people who run to your defence include an employee of a teacher union.

  • Bafacu

    10% ahead and climbing!!!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Just voted “yes” and of the 266 votes so far… 56.02% for yes, absolutely with 149 votes and only 84 votes at 31.58% for no, make worse.

    Go the Warmy!

  • Mel

    You spelt army wrong. So that can be added to your spelling list young Whale. You also failed the standard on research. Save our Schools fb page is not in any way associated with NZEI except for the fact that they both oppose GERM policies that NACT are forcing on the quality public education system of NZ. Some NZEI and PPTA members may choose to follow SOS on fb, but it is their choice. Many members are parents, grandparents, even concerned membersof our fair democracy exercising their democratic rights to have an opinion that id opposite to yours and the government opinion. Too many of your posts lately have been factually incorrect in regards to education showing that you lack some basic research snd comprehension skills. Go back to school Whale.

    • Mel

      Bloody small keyboards on smart phones aren’t that smart!

      • Mel – of course they are associated; all marxist trade unions are joined at the hip.
        It is a case of “Wankers of the World Unite!” together when it comes to the Teacher Union communists and their stupid websites and stupid polls

      • unsol

        Good to read twice before hitting send.

        • Travis Poulson

          ‘Proof read’ as you’d expect a teacher to do….

      • blokeintakapuna

        It really is a bit of an embarrassment when those errors happen, but it happens to all of us eventually. But it’s not those errors that are the real issue… It’s the thinking and dogmatic adhearance to a system that still fails 20% of school leavers, yet won’t embrace new initiatives to alleviate or reduce those failings.

        • unsol

          And the blind acceptance that the wailing & hysteria from teachers and/or NZEI et al is fact.

          That is how the masses believed Hitler was good for Germany.

          Best to acquire & use such attributes as critical thinking so as to not seem as silly and as gullible as sheep.

      • Gazzaw

        Small minds on small keyboards are not that smart either Mel.

        • WayneO


    • unitedtribes

      Cam may need a stint at a charter school. Would help me also

    • blokeintakapuna

      You might want to check your own spelling and punctuation there.

      Are you a Registered teacher by any chance Mel, or a union flunky? Or perhaps both?

      • Mel

        Both for your interest. But I am also a registered voter in a democracy that actually does some research before I put my opinions out to view. I think a bit of research rather than blindly believing is always beneficial. Google is your friend. Do dome research for yourselves all you Whale Oil followers before blindly jumping on his causes.

        • johnbronkhorst

          I have researched…hence my post. Charter schools are a mixed bag and all reports in the USA say this and say that the quality and achievement level of the pupils largely depends on how the charter of the school is set up and that in turn is dependant on the STATE regulations. None of this is pointed out on the WEB site which if YOU did any research would notice PARROTS the NZEI, PPTA, labour party and green party education policy and statements!!!
          In short, if YOU have done any research you would know this…but I think you do. You just CHOOSE to ignor it as do NZEI, PPTA, labour and the greens!!!

        • Hollyfield

          I agree with Whale Oil on Charter Schools – but that doesn’t mean I am blindly jumping on this or any of his other “causes”.

          I also agree with him on National Standards. When National started campaigning on National Standards two elections ago I asked my teacher friends to explain to me why they were so against it – and none were able to say anything other than “it won’t help the kids”. I kept asking why won’t it help, and they couldn’t tell me – except to parrot the union lines of “it won’t help the kids”. So after reading opinions on both sides of the argument I made up my own mind. As I have with charter schools.

          There are other subjects on which I disagree with Whale Oil.

          So you see, Whale Oil followers do research for themselves, and are intelligent enough to not just “blindly jump on his causes”. I do wonder about my teacher friends, though, did they do any research before deciding they were against National Standards and Charter Schools?

          • blokeintakapuna

            Reply of the day…

          • bounty_bar

            So you are prepared to rely on a tool we use to measure educational achievement which is broken and only provides us with ‘ropey data’ (John Key)? And when this broken tool for measuring tell us children are failing you are prepared throw out a world leading system in place of a system used by countries who lag behind us? Yeah, great logic there – but don’t bother responding – I can tell you are a member of the closed minded ignoramuses that falls for Government propaganda.

          • bounty_bar

            Furthermore to your comments – did the National Government do their homework on National Standards and Charter Schools and did they consult their communities and Educational proffessionals here in NZ before they blindly rolled them out? Look at Finland, look at what the PM’s own scientific advisor tells him about best teaching practice, look at the failed statistics in America and the UK. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery – none but ourselves can free our minds”.

        • unsol


          And you’re a teacher.

          Doubt you’re going to ever be taken seriously on here.

        • dome research? Hmmm sounds facinating.

        • WayneO

          So, you’re a teacher and your “research” constitutes a google search. Next you will be quoting wikipedia. Hahahaha.

          What about those who read the policy and make their own analysis? Does that not count? Oh, that’s right according to you I need google to tell me what to think. Fuck you.

    • Mel, I’m sure you won’t be too upset if the government exercises its democratically-obtained mandate to govern.

    • unsol

      So tell us Mel, since you are so clearly part of the P.E.S.T side (Planned Education Socialist Terrorists), who set up this page & why/on what basis? Where did you get your research from? The factually vapid NZEI?

      As for “Many members are parents, grandparents, even concerned membersof our fair democracy exercising their democratic rights to have an opinion that id opposite to yours and the government opinion” and “that you lack some basic research snd comprehension skills”

      Epic fail when trying to assert some superiority on WO; probably best to at least try & put a grammatically correct sentence together & put it through a spell check before casting such aspersions eh.

      Free tip: incorrectly phrased or spelled words have red or green squiggles underneath them! :-)

    • Tut tut if you had done any research you would know that my hubby is not ‘ Young ‘. You would also know that he will defend to the death your right to be wrong which is why he does not delete comments :) As for him going back to school do you really hate teachers that much? Wo is the kind of student who knows more than the teacher and takes great pleasure in pointing out their mistakes ( a bit like you really )

    • Pissedoffyouth

      You are a master troll – nobody would be as dumb as your multiple identities.

  • LionKing

    Brilliant work WO

  • Done! “Yes absolutely” is up to 60% now HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • unitedtribes

    My vote put it just under 60% for. wonder what the margin of error is

  • blokeintakapuna

    Army fights with gorilla tactics… Fighting the buffoons in the great concrete jungle…

    • Travis Poulson

      Gorilla tactics? pick off your own damn fleas mate. I’m going for guerrilla tactics instead.

  • Going well so far

  • unsol

    Priceless. Yes absolutely is winning hands down….

  • thor42

    The “Yes, absolutely” option has 67% at the moment.


  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Just went and voted at the crap site. “YES” at 67.2% he he he

  • Tony V

    Done….kicking their arse. How long before they take it down?

  • Hollyfield

    I’ve read some of the links on the SaveOurSchoolsNZ website. One is a submission on the Education Amendment Bill.

    In paragraph 2 is this sentence: “Partnership (charter) schools have not lead to higher achievement in other countries.”

    Why is it that so many teachers cannot spell “led”? It’s not exactly a difficult word, but they so often get it wrong.

  • gold.

  • Rodger T

    70% ,suppose they will take it down now seeing as the haven`t got the result they wanted.
    Poll crashing shows how pointless internet polls really are.

  • Jman

    I think the ayes have it.

  • LesleyNZ

    Now 70.82% – My comment – “If parents are not happy with the nearby state school for their children’s education they will now have the choice to send them to a Charter School. They pay taxes so why shouldn’t their share of taxes paid go to the Charter School of choice? I don’t know why the teachers’ union is so against Charter Schools. It will also mean less students in a state school class. “

  • bounty_bar

    So many nasty comments on here – You have to worry about the future of our children when they have role models such as these! It takes a certain level of maturity to debate and discuss issues without the use of personal insult. This site and the people on it = epic fail in terms of using discussion to problem solve and find better solutions for our children and our communities. Instead it’s just a bunch of tossers trying to prove ‘whose dick is bigger’. Too much ego not enough problem solving. Go back to your holes the lot of you!

    • Hollyfield

      I just love how this comment criticises personal insults but has…..personal insults in it. And asks for debate and to discuss issues and problem solve….but adds nothing to the debate.

      • bounty_bar

        “There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion”. In other words I could bring forth lots of different perspectives but unless you are open minded enough to consider them they are not going to make an ounce of difference, nor will it lead to the solution of the issues being raised.

  • Get another screenshot soon; “Yes, absolutely” now has 72% of the vote as at 9.30am Thursday NZT