“A trusted and respected teacher”…and registered as well

The teacher unions main plank against Charter Schools is that the teachers won’t need to be registered. Their argument is that the children need to protected and that registration provides this.

Kind of like the protection that kids were afforded because of the registration of this teacher.

A senior teacher who filmed up girls’ skirts with a secret pen camera for his own “sexual pleasure and gratification” has avoided jail today.

Doug Martin, 57, was a trusted and respected teacher at Lincoln High School, outside Christchurch, and a local church elder.

But now his career is in tatters and his life in turmoil after he pleaded guilty to 20 charges of filming up girls’ skirts over a six-month period last year, which a judge today described as a gross breach of trust.

He filmed them at his school and at a shopping mall, as well as other locations which have been suppressed.

At Christchurch District Court today, Judge Emma Smith sentenced Martin to 10 months’ home detention, and ordered him to undergo rehabilitation for his sexual deviancy.

He’s also been banned from having contact with any girls under the age of 16.

I guess that is the end of his teaching career…even though he was registered.


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    The best thing about charter schools is that it’ll give people like business leaders and politicians to teach, rather than just teachers.

    If I had somebody from the business world come into my high school and teach I’d have been a hell of a lot more interested, that’s for sure.

    • BigDes

      POY. Don’t want to rain on your parade mate, but that can already happen at schools no problem. You can teach a certain amount of hours per week without the need to be registered, I forget the exact amount. The big difference is the attitude of the Management. I think charter schools will be more open to this, whereas teachers are not so much. There is a proportion that have the attitude they know everything, and any acknowledgement they need help to teach a special interest is a sign of weakness. An example would be financial literacy, and as you suggested business or entrepreneurial skills.

      • Dave

        Off topic a bit, but FINANCIAL literacy should be a compulsory topic at every school from say…….. age 10 to 18. NOT taught by teachers, but professional accountants and economists. The basics, personal finances, budgeting, some economics backed up by real life examples. Johnny wants a car, he is 15 works part time and earns $40 a week. How much does he need to save a week to buy it in 5 years. i.e the cost of money, and options. (No, not stealing the car)

        Far too many young people (especially lefties) are completely financially illiterate!!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “his career is in tatters and his life in turmoil”

    Boo-fucking-hoo. Perhaps he should have thought about that before filming up little girls’ skirts.

  • What sort of impulse control do people like this have to risk their life and reputation for a shaky fuzzy clip of some underwear?

  • Patrick

    What is wrong with these sorts? What could he possibly hope to see with this filming? Why would he not get himself down to the local whorehouse for some action rather than risk his reputation & career with this infantile behaviour?

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Because somebody might see and recognise him there. He was a well respected member of his church.

      • Lion_ess

        There’s an oxymoron for you – respected member of his church. Just think, if he’d used used a brothel for exercising his stiffy, the entire country wouldn’t have found out about him; and he’d still have his job (and faux reputation).